Best Home Remedies For Baby Stomach Ache

Baby Stomach Ache

Taking care of babies is no joke. Well, this is true especially if you are a first-time parent. After all, from correctly holding your baby to feeding it and changing diapers, everything is completely new to you. But, one thing that parents freak out about is when their baby has stomach aches. Yes, you can treat them using home remedies. Some of the common and popular home remedies for baby stomach ache are present right below. So, keep reading!

Why do babies get stomach aches?

Obviously, this may be the first question that pops up in your mind. After all, all the baby eats is milk. So, how can stomach aches happen when your baby is either breastfed or formula-fed? Well, the simple answer is that this is a digestive problem. Babies develop gas in their stomach which gives them stomach aches. Of course, you can go ahead with the medicine that the doctor prescribed for this problem. But, if you want to go natural and try home remedies, below are the popular ones that you can try out.


Surely, this has been around for a long time as a remedy to cure this gas issue. Well, it’s here because it works every time. In warm water, mix two pinches of asafoetida powder. Then, rub the mixture over the baby’s navel region. Yes, give a good rub for this to work.

Hing is good medicine for all stomach related problems. From bloating to stomach aches and bowel movements, it can help a great deal. For that reason, you can use this for your baby.

Drinking warm water

Another simple method that you can try to help your little one with a stomach ache is giving them warm water to drink. Certainly, this will help to remove the gas present inside the stomach. Furthermore, try to make your baby burp. Surely, this will relieve the pain that made your baby cry.

Massage using mustard oil

Another popular and long-time home remedy for stomach aches is massaging the baby with warm mustard oil. Then, give the baby bath using warm water. Yes, it can help with colic pain and reduce the gas. In fact, warm baths can improve the circulation of blood which encourages the built-up gases to leave. Moreover, you can fry some garlic cloves in the mustard oil and use that oil for massaging the baby. Finally, you can try moving the legs of the baby in a bicycle movement to relieve the gas.


Of course, you cannot give garlic as it is to the baby. On the other hand, the effect that the garlic can give to relieve stomach aches makes it an irreplaceable home remedy. So, you cannot use it as you will use it for an adult. In fact, it can burn the baby’s tongue. For that reason, you can try rubbing the garlic on the stomach of the baby. Also, you can combine it with little nutmeg when you give a rub.

Bath in warm water

Finally, the simplest and the easiest way to get rid of stomach aches in babies is by giving them a bath in warm water.

That’s all folks. Hope the above home remedies for baby stomach ache helps you. But, if you feel that the problem persists, make sure to see a doctor.

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