The History and Origin of Father’s Day

The History and Origin of Father's Day 2021 | Fathers Day Quotes, Crafts
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Celebration of someone’s existence is a good way to appreciate someone’s presence in their life. Thus,  mother’s day, Father’s Day 2021, children’s day, etc., have become a part of the holiday, emphasizing the significance. 

However, as important and jolly as the day is. If one knows the origin and historical data regarding the day, it may change how one views things. 


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While many tend to subjugate the aspect of Father’s Day 2021, 2020 & 2019 under the pretense of “men, don’t need this.” One has to keep in mind that deep down, a little sign of appreciation for their hard work will go a long way. So let’s begin. 

The Historical Connotation:

First father’s day was celebrated on June 19 in Washington. Though the year was 1910, it was not until 1972 that the day was officiated as the national holiday. When President Woodrow officiated Mother’s day, many started speaking of having a “father’s day.” Many thought that father’s day needs to receive its due. 

The act of honoring fathers soon became a nationwide holiday. It later crossed the boundaries of countries. Normally, every year on the third week of June, Father’s Day is celebrated. The celebration of father’s day has found its influence in Mother’s Day. 

While the root of mother’s day is in the peace-and-reconciliation campaigns of the post-Civil War era, there were a few campaigns that started to celebrate the essence of fathers too. 

However, before we start talking about the social aspect of father’s day, it has to be shared that this event held religious significance in many cultures. For example, Father’s Day came first to honor Saint Joseph.  The Irish and Polish people recognize the 19th of June as an important day. 

The Origins of Father’s Day 2021:

Father’s Day had less of a fan when getting an official statement on the event. The campaign even lacked enthusiasm.  Nonetheless, on July 5 of 1908, the West Virginia church funded the first father’s day. 

They held a Sunday sermon honoring the men who had died in the previous December’s explosion. The explosion in the mines of Monongah was devastating and a loss. Though it was a one-time commemoration, it started getting the attention it deserved. 

Who Kept Pushing? 

Similarly, in Washington, Sonora Smart Dodd tried to establish a day for male parents next year. She thought it had to be similar to mother’s day. Dodd wanted to pay homage to her father by recognizing his efforts. Her father was a civil war veteran. He was a single dad and raised six children alone. 

It was a sermon firing the mother’s day celebration that influenced her. After hearing the serum, Dood wanted to take steps to create a father’s day. She knocked on doors of churches, YMCA, and government officials so that she could get an official stamp. Nevertheless, she succeeded. On June 19, 1910, everyone celebrated the first statewide father’s day. 

The Sweet Result: 

Dodd inaugurated the concept of celebrating father’s day. She celebrated it for the first time at YMCA in Spokane. The holiday started spreading soon. In 1916, the president of then, Wilson, honored the day utilizing the signals of the telegraph to honor the day. 

Even President Calvin Coolidge instructed other state governments to observe and necessitate Father’s Day. Many voiced their concern; moreover, it reached a spectrum of success that crossed barriers. 

Everyone around the country now celebrates Father’s day with much appreciation. However, most countries in Europe and Latin America have chosen to commemorate Father’s Day on St. Joseph’s Day. This Catholic celebration falls on March 19.

Ending note:

Father’s Day 2021 falls on the third week of June every year. While many catholic countries tend to celebrate their father’s presence on March 19, in most regions, it has come to be on June 20.