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Bad Bunny

In the world of Reggaeton, Bad Bunny occupies an integral space. His lyrical genius, musical play, and signature style make him quite popular. That’s why here we will discuss some facts about Bad Bunny that every fan of his should know. In fact, it’s also worth noting that Bad Bunny, who has won Grammy Awards multiple times, has released several hit singles and albums throughout his career. 

Moreover, Bad Bunny has also featured with other Reggaeton artists, such as Ozuna. If you are a true fan of Bad Funny and want to know some interesting facts about his life, you are at the right place. So, it’s time to follow this article for more info regarding Bad Bunny. 

These Are The Facts About Bad Bunny One Should Know About

As we mentioned earlier, Bad Bunny is one of the most famous singers and rappers in the industry. Specializing in the reggaeton genre, he has made a lot of names for himself. So, that’s why his devoted fans want to know more about his life. If you are reading this article to know about Bad Bunny, then we shall provide you with some interesting facts. So, without further ado, it’s time to follow this article and find out about Bad Bunny. 

1. The Reggateon Singer Bad Bunny’s Real Name Has Four ‘Names’

So, it’s quite interesting to note that the singer Bad Bunny has four names. Well, people know him the best as Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio. In other words, his name is comprised of four names.

2. Bad Bunny Had The Desire To Conceal His Identity

Sometimes when you reach the pinnacle of your success, you’d want to hide your real identity. Well, this is exactly what has happened with Bad Bunny as well. However, it happened to him before he actually got famous. He would conceal his identity by wearing a mask. In fact, in a media interview, he revealed that he would often hide his faces like DJ Marshello and other artists. 

Bad Bunny’s Real Name Has Four ‘Names’

3. He Went To The University Of Puerto Rico

Though he made it big in the music industry, none can say that he didn’t have a bright academic phase. In fact, Bad Bunny aka Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio went to the University of Puerto Rico as an audio-visual communications student. Since his childhood, he had a passion for music. In fact, at his school, he used to take his precious time to hone his craft. His passion for music helped him make wonderful pieces. Moreover, it’s also worth noting that he made music an integral part of life. Of course, looking back, we can say that he did in fact choose the right career path. At present, people know Bad Bunny as an awesome reggaeton artist. 

4. He Started His Career On Soundcloud

Every artist must start somewhere, right? Well, according to the reports, while studying as well as working in 2013, he uploaded his songs, such as Just Let Me Know Onto and Get, Tentacion, etc, on Soundcloud. Later, his celebrated song Diles caught the attention of a renowned producer and DJ, Luian. So, that’s how he signed Bad Bunny to his record label. Immediately, his songs began to chart in the top hits section. 

He Started His Career On Soundcloud

5. The Mystery Behind His Stage Name

So, all fans of Bad Bunny know that his stage name is, Bad Bunny. Well, there’s a story behind his stage name. So, of course, no one can deny that it’s a pretty unique stage name that he has set for himself. According to the reports, as a child, he clicked a photo of himself wearing a bunny costume. So, Bad Bunny said, “Bad Bunny, that name comes from a picture when I was a  kid…I think that I was six years old. I was so mad. That was Easter day in the school and the teacher picked me to dress up.” He further reinforced the fact that the name Bad Bunny has both ‘cute’ as well as ‘bad’ aspects. 

6. He Learned Singing In The Choir

Now this may come as a surprise to many fans but it’s true that the Latin singer, Bad Bunny, learned his craft from the choir. So, of course, this is one of the most interesting facts about Bad Bunny that you should know. As per the reports, Bad Bunny grew up in a very struggling household. His parents had it difficult to make ends meet. So, amidst all the hardship, the Latin singer, Bad Bunny, found a way to keep his passion for music alive. 

He began singing in the Church choir at a fairly young age. We can also say that it was an instance of informal training for him. Later on, he went on to become one of the most famous artists in the world in the sphere of the music industry. 

7. Arroz Con Salchichas Is His Favorite Dish

Ever wondered what’s Bad Bunny’s favorite food? Well, there you have it – it’s Arroz con salchichas. So, all the fans of Bad Bunny probably know this already but he is an extremely foodie person. He just loves to try out different flavors whenever he can and one of his favorite dishes is, as we mentioned earlier, arroz con salchichas. It’s a dish that has arroz or rice, vienna sausages, green olives, capers, tomatoes, Latin spices, and sofrito. 

He Learned Singing In The Choir

8. For Many Reasons, He Went Through A Phase Of Depression

So, it’s hard to imagine how a fun-loving, smiling guy like Bad Bunny would go through depression, right? However, such is the world where truth can come biting at us. Amidst the glitz and glamor, Bad Bunny had a shadowy dark phase. Struggling in the initial stages of his career provided him with the strength to move forward. In fact, he as an artist also had a tough moment making drastic adjustments to his newfound fame. 

In an interview, he did affirm that he was going through a phase of depression. Bad Bunny said, “That process was more than I could handle, I was overwhelmed…I didn’t feel well.” Moreover, he also added that all the fame didn’t provide him with happiness but anxiety. It was as if, he was suffering from his newfound success. So, that’s why, he decided to distance himself from it all for a while and it helped. 

9. Bad Bunny Has Collaborated With Lots Of Renowned Singers

If you are a Bad Bunny fan, then you surely know already that he has worked with many renowned singers. As a reggaeton artist, Bad Bunny has worked with Drake, Ozuna, Cardi B, J Balvin, Nicky J, Darell, and more artists. Of course, he has given big hits, such as Te Bote, Mia, etc. 

9. He Has A Dream To Collaborate With Del Rey & Gaga

Every artist has their own idol for sure, and in this respect, he is no exception. So, even though he has collaborated with lots of famous artists, both reggaeton and hip-hop, he wishes to work with Gaga and Lana Del Rey. 

He Has A Dream To Collaborate With Del Rey & Gaga

10. He Is Also A Pro Wrestler

Now this is obviously one of the most shocking facts about him that you can get. If you are a fan of him, then obviously, you may have heard of this already. However, for those, who are not aware of the artist’s life that much, it’s new info for sure. Asides from making big hits, he loves to hit the helm at the ring. When he is not rehearsing songs at the studio, he is out there at the WWE arena to get in the groove. 

11. Bad Bunny Loves Japanese Culture

So, it’s worth noting that he has a thing for aesthetics. Moreover, he also wants to know about different cultures all over the world. For example, he has a deep respect and love for the Japanese culture. In fact, you may notice the inspiration at times that he has gotten from Japanese culture in his MVs. 

12. An Advocate For Animal Rights

When he is not making music, he is always there to speak for animal rights. In fact, this is what makes him such a sweet person as well. He loves to speak for those who cannot speak and has a soft corner for the animals. As an animal lover, he often takes to social media to speak out against animal cruelty. Just recently, he spoke at length against bullfighting. 

An Advocate For Animal Rights

13. Chess Master Bad Bunny

In an interview, Bad Bunny mentioned that hadn’t made it big as a singer/musician, he would have definitely thought about chess as an optional career. Yes, he is that good at chess. So, this is a very nice piece of trivia, if you are a Bad Bunny fan. 

14. Bad Bunny Loves Breaking Bad

The famous Netflix show, Breaking Bad is a timeless classic. It seems that he is also a huge fan of this wonderful, thought-provoking show. What’s more, he even clicked a snap sitting beside ‘Walter White’ aka Bryan Cranston. 


So, folks, that’s it for the facts about Bad Bunny. The celebrity singer, Bad Bunny has made it big in his career and that’s why he has a popular fan base. These were some of the best facts to know about the artist. 

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