Let it Ride and Other Poker Phrases to Know

Poker Phrases

What exactly does Let it Ride mean? Let it ride, a colloquialism for letting things go or ignoring them also applies to this distinctive poker-based casino table game. In essence, a player “lets it ride” if they don’t take a portion of their bet with them.

It is never a good idea to go through the doors of a crowded poker room full of very knowledgeable or semi-experienced players without being familiar with their jargon. The same reasoning holds when using a poker app downloaded from one of the poker sites with a chat feature. To fully immerse yourself in the game and keep up with its events, you must know what other players are saying. We discuss words used often at the felt to get you ready to speak poker or to make you comfortable.

Angle shots

Angle shots can be described as sneaky, deceitful strategies used to manipulate less skilled opponents. Angle shots were formerly thought to be the norm for advantage play. Even though they are not against the rules, they are now universally frowned upon in the poker world and have been banned by several event organizers.

Big blind special

As many card players are likely aware, forced bets in poker are referred to as blinds, and each seat has a name based on how close it is to the dealer (button). The place to the left of the button is a small blind. The small blind must be inserted into the pot before the hand starts. The position two left of the dealer is where the big blind is. The big blind is positioned in the center. A big blind special is a situation when a big blind player wins a pot that they probably wouldn’t have ever claimed if they were seated in any other position at the table. It is comparable to someone receiving a huge casino bonus in the middle of a hand.


A check-raise is also known as an angle shoot. Others disagree since it is not an evil action. However, this is a trick in which a player checks to begin a hand, hoping another player would open. The player who checked raises later in the same round. Most of the time, skilled card handlers use this tactic to defeat opponents they feel have a weaker hand and want to bluff.

Call Station

Here is a derogatory term in poker to describe a player who often calls bets but seldom raises them. Even with a strong hand, he may not accomplish so. Such gamblers sometimes get bonus cards on the board in community card poker as payment for their foresight. Such unexpected events often contribute to novice players exaggerating their card power. This kind of gambler is often associated with those who may be found at low-stakes tables or legal online poker clubs.

Clicking Buttons

The term “clicking buttons” originates from the realm of online poker. It denotes someone who seems to be playing cards without following any strategy, having no plan at all, and not responding to movements made by others as a skilled player would. It may be difficult to tell who is pressing buttons during limited-time sessions and which individuals are making an effort to seem as though they are doing so to trick other players.

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