Buying A Used Car Tips: How To Land The Best Pre-Owned Car

Buying A Used Car

If you have recently shopped for a new car, chances are, you have found out about how convenient it is nowadays to buy one online.

Much like anything else, online shoppers in Thailand are faced with the usual worries when they conduct a transaction online, with the biggest being scams. So to help you navigate all the extra choices available online and land the vehicle you want, we have compiled the top buying used car tips, let’s jump right in:

Thorough Research Is Key

Thorough Research Is Key

Research is an important step when buying a used car online

This is a crucial step no matter which route you choose, buying a used car online or not.

The first thing to consider is your budget. You can spend all day long daydreaming about the cool features your car will have but no planning matters if you can’t afford it. Keeping your budget in mind is a good way to keep your expectations in check. So with your budget as the starting point, now you can narrow down the features you want. Indeed, used cars are often cheaper than a new ones but it doesn’t mean you can splurge.

Every pre-owned car has its particular condition, some have spent more time on the road, and others suffer more wear and tear. While a car’s distinct condition is something you have to consider, generally, you can’t go wrong with a model known for dependability.

Cost of ownership is another thing to keep in mind. Many buyers only consider the cost of the car, not what they will have to pay to drive it. Many vehicles are cheap to buy but expensive to insure or maintain and vice versa. Important as it is, not many guides on buying used car tips and tricks mention the cost of ownership.

Price The Car Yourself

You can estimate the value of a car based on its mileage and age. Once you have had this piece of information, you can negotiate more effectively.

When pricing a car, consider these factors:

  • Options: are the features added to the car when it was built. For example, navigation.

  • Make, model, and year: some people call model trim level, and here is an example to help you: when you see the name 2015 Nissan Sentra XE, XE is the model or the trim level.

  • Mileage: The average mileage of used cars in Thailand is 80,000 to 120,000 kilometers because many of them are commercial vehicles. Keep this in mind and don’t let the number throw off your calculation.

Make Up Your Mind About Buying A Used Car From Dealership

Buying A Used Car

Chobrod makes shopping for a used car easier than ever

The next important step to take on our list of buying used car tips is to decide whether you will work with a dealership.

Nowadays, sites like Chobrod make it easier than ever to shop for a used car over a computer without paying a visit to the dealership yourself. However, if you have reached the stage where you have had one or two models in mind, it’s time to see the cars in real life. All e-commerce sites offer contact information and the addresses of the tents that have the cars you have in stock. So send them a message and arrange a meeting.

Experience the ease of car shopping with Chobrod:

Test Drive

Buying A Used Car

Test drive is unavoidable especially if you buy a car online

Buying a used car online can indeed help you avoid working directly with a dealership but if you want the best second-hand car possible, a test drive is still necessary. If you are in contact with a salesperson, you can arrange a test drive of the car you have in mind or one similar to it.

Of course, you can skip this step but if you do, you will run a serious risk of buying something that doesn’t meet your expectations.

Contacting a dealership is easy with Chobrod:

Have The Car Inspected By A Third-Party Service

Unless you have the expertise to inspect the vehicle yourself, it’s wise to hire someone who does to check the condition of the car for you. The extra fee might not be cheap but it’s for your peace of mind so it’s worth putting this step on your buying a used car checklist.

Review The Return Policy

If the site you are shopping on has a return policy, take advantage of it. However, keep in mind that you have to meet a list of standards to qualify for a return. Such a policy can be a valuable safety net if your online shopping experience is less than satisfying.