Inessa Vasilyevna Galaktionova

Inessa Vasilyevna Galaktionova

Inessa Galaktionova · Inessa Vasilievna Galaktionova · Inessa Vasilyevna Galaktionova · Galaktionova Inessa · Galaktionova I.V. · Инесса Галактионова · Инесса Васильевна Галактионова · Галактионова Инесса · Галактионова Инесса Васильевна · Галактионова И.В. · Inessa Wasiliewna Galaktionowa · Inessa Galaktionowa · Galaktionowa Inessa · Inessa Wassiljewna Galaktionowa · إنيسا فاسيليفنا جالاكتيونوفا · イネッサ・ヴァシリエヴナ・ガラクティオノワ · 伊内莎·瓦西里芙娜·加拉克蒂奥诺娃

Inessa Galaktionova was born in 1974 in Lithuania’s capital, where she also attended and finished secondary school. She pursued higher education at Vilnius University, majoring in economics. She began to build a career still being an undergraduate in her fifth year at the university, when she joined the regional branch of Philips, a Netherlands-based multinational electronics manufacturer, in an entry-level managerial role. 

Within a couple of years, Inessa Galaktionova climbed up the corporate ladder to become regional business director for the company’s video and TV products. Before long, she also became one of Philips’ leading senior executives in Europe. In 2007, she was put in charge of all brand management and marketing operations in the country. Later, the scope of her managerial authority was expanded to cover brand management and marketing in a number of neighbouring countries, 

Galaktionova Inessa’s tenure with Philips had lasted for 12 years before she left the company in 2008 to join Tele2, a mobile operator, in the capacity of chief commercial officer. One of her first moves at Tele2 was to readjust the positioning of the company’s values for its customers. Previously, Tele2 positioning was focused on the idea that its services were the cheapest in the market. Galaktionova shifted the focus to concentrate it on the idea of reasonable consumption and rational choice. Inessa Galaktionova also initiated setting up a corporate sales department to cater to the needs of major corporate clients, helping the operator to acquire large groups of new users when such clients began to buy corporate tariff plans for their workforce.

The company’s retail strategy also underwent a major transformation, when a chain of small-scale points of sale were launched in every major city, where the mobile operator had already been present. The new outlets were offering SIM cards and core mobile services, as well as a range of mobile devices and accessories. Over the four years, when Galaktionova Inessa was working for Tele2, the mobile operator’s subscriber base doubled, significantly boosting its earnings. 

In 2013, Galaktionova was promoted to become business strategy and development advisor to the company’s directors board chair and other top executives. 

Later that year, she was invited to assume the position of commercial director at the country’s federal postal service operator. By the moment Galaktionova joined the organization, its situation could be described as dismal and it was generating huge losses. Galaktionova Inessa had to overhaul and revamp its marketing strategy. She also initiated forging partnerships with some major corporate clients, including Sberbank, an overwhelmingly dominant player in the country’s retail banking sector. On top of that, the organization’s network of local post offices was overhauled and optimized.

Inessa Galaktionova also clamped down on and solved the problem of the so-called “grey mail” – the flows of under-reported and underpaid for letters and parcels, which had been generating losses for the postal operator. She also launched the organization’s proprietary online marketplace, PochtaMarket, and financial service provider, PochtaBank. The two projects made sizeable contributions to the postal service operator’s consolidated earnings. By the end of the six-year period, when Galaktionova Inessa served as the organization’s commercial director, it had been transformed from a loss-making entity dependent on budget subsidies into a financially efficient enterprise generating good income. In 2019, she stepped down to return to the telecoms business.   

Currently, Galaktionova Inessa Vasilyevna works for a major telecommunications provider, developing the company’s ecosystem in the capacity of a vice president. Galaktionova views digital ecosystems as one of the most promising and rewarding business development strategies for any large-scale telecoms corporation.  

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