Why Choose A Custom Jeweller For Your Custom Diamond Engagement And Wedding Rings

Custom Jeweller

If you are choosing an engagement or wedding ring, or just a beautiful piece of jewellery for the special person in your life, would you usually look at a custom jeweller? We find that a lot of people we speak to say no to this question for a variety of reasons, and so we are here to give you some information about why you should always at least consider a custom jeweller. 

At LL Private Jewellers we have decades of experience in custom jewellery, from designing to making the most exquisite pieces for our customers. You can view some of the pieces previously commissioned and get more information on our website llprivatejewellers.com/

What Does Custom Jewellery Entail

Commissioning a custom piece of jewellery could mean anything from choosing a specific stone that will go in a setting to designing an item from your imagination. We can help you with both, and our fantastic jewellers will sit with you to discuss everything from the occasion, the person the item is for, the price range, and finally design. You will be able to have as much or as little input in the process as you would like, and we will always be there to guide you when you need it. 

You can choose all of the materials and stones that will be used in the item of jewellery you are designing, and we can assure you that everything we deal with is ethically sourced. If your partner has a favorite stone, setting, or ring, a custom piece is often the best way to ensure they get the perfect piece of jewellery for them. You can bring information, images, or a rough sketch of the item you are planning, and we will work with you to make that item a reality. 

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The Process

Once you have spoken with our designer and have given them all of the information to have the design made, we will sketch this out for your approval. You can then choose to see the design as either a wax carving or a computer-aided design. Both will be 3D models of the item that you have commissioned to enable you to fully visualize the finished product. 

We complete most of the wax carvings by hand, so we can make changes by hand if you find that something needs to change when you view it. Or we can enter changes into the computer program to alter your design. When you are happy with the finished design, we will cast the ring in your chosen metal. 

You can choose the finish on the metal to ensure that even the smallest of details are exactly as you have imagined them. With the metalwork completed, it is time to set the stone. You will have chosen the setting and the stone during the design process, and we will be able to show you several stones that will fit the setting you have chosen. We always ensure that the setting and stones we use are of the highest quality to ensure the perfect finish to your custom jewellery.

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