The Untold story of Keegan-Michael Key Wife Elisa Pugliese

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“Keegan-Michael Key was born at Southfield, Michigan, United States. Keegan-Michael Key is Actor, Comedian, Writer, Producer by profession, find out fun facts !”

With the popular film creator Jordan Peele the famous Keegan-Michael Key raised to stardom with his well-known Key and Peele the comedy show that ran from the year 2012-2015. From that time onwards, he is traveling on the road that has led him to many successful destinations. He is a character very much admired in the movie industry. He is the one who plays comical characters with ease and prowess.

keegan-michael key
Actor Keegan-Michael Key.

As he is a well-known celebrity, there is no doubt that people are interested to know about his private life. The popular comedian suffered a setback because of his divorce with actress Cynthia Blaise. It seemed to his fans that it is the completion of love in his life. However, that was not the case at all as he got his happiness back because of a magnificent woman. 

“Keegan-Michael Key was born on the 22nd of March, 1971 in Southfield, Michigan. He and his wife Elisa Pugliese got married on the eighth of June, 2018 in New York City. Keegan-Michael Key has 660k followers on Instagram.”

He started to make many of his outings with the stunning Elise Pugliese. People began to notice that there was love in the air. But how much information is the fans aware of her private life? She is not one of the popular personalities in the Hollywood industry, but she has some of the unique qualities and skills that surpass many popular personalities in the industry. 

keegan-michael key wife Elisa Pugliese

It became known that Keegan-Michael Key began seeing Pugliese even before the divorce was finalized with his wife. Here we are going to see some of the unknown information about Elise Pugliese. She has surely influenced the TV star and made him jolly again. 

  • A Professional actor and Producer 

Elise Pugliese is not in a comedy series as her partner Key, but she has experience in working in Hollywood. This means that there is a lot of forte in a single-family. Michael Key is known for his many excellent performances in CW’s or Network shows in the US. But Elise Pugliese has a lot of skills on her. During the years of her filming, there were not many facts known about her story. She came into the world in the year 1971 and was a New York girl all her life. She completed her higher education and graduated from Syracuse University. Then, after all her studies, she began to prepare for her career in the movie-making business. 

Keegan-Michael Key Biography, Celebrity Facts, Net Worth, Movies Age, and Awards

  • Says he was “painfully shy” as a child.
  • Was trained as a Shakespearean actor, but became interested in comedy after he was exposed to improv in college.
  • First TV appearance was in a 1994 episode of ER.
  • Returned to Detroit in 1997 and joined the Second City as a performer and writer.
  • Has received multiple Joseph Jefferson Awards, given to honor achievement in Chicago theater.
  • A founding member of the Planet Ant Theatre.


  • 2016, Writers Guild Awards — Comedy/Variety – Sketch Series: Nominee
  • 2016, Emmy — Outstanding Variety Sketch Series: Winner
  • 2014, Emmy — Outstanding Writing for a Variety Series: Nominee
  • 2015, Critics’ Choice Awards — Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series: Nominee
  • 2015, Emmy — Outstanding Short-Format Live-Action Entertainment Program: Nominee
  • 2015, Emmy — Outstanding Variety Sketch Series: Nominee
  • 2015, Emmy — Outstanding Writing for a Variety Series: Nominee
  • 2015, Emmy — Outstanding Writing for a Variety Special: Nominee
  • 2016, Emmy — Outstanding Writing for a Variety Series: Nominee
  • 2015, Screen Actors Guild Awards — Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series: Nominee
  • 2016, Producers Guild Awards — Outstanding Producer of Live Entertainment & Talk Television: Nominee
  • 2016, Emmy — Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series: Nominee
  • 2016, Emmy — Outstanding Character Voice-Over Performance: Nominee
  • 2015, Emmy — Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series: Nominee


  • Patricia Walsh — Mother
  • Cynthia Blaise — Wife (separated)
  • Cynthia Blaise — Ex-wife
  • Elisa Pugliese — Wife
  • Carrie Herr — Mother
  • Michael Key — Father


  • University of Detroit Mercy, Detroit, Michigan, United States (BA in Theatre, 1993); Pennsylvania State University, University Park, Pennsylvania, United States (MFA in Theatre, 1996)

How much is Keegan-Michael Key worth in 2020?

Keegan-Michael Key net worth: Keegan-Michael Key is an American actor and comedian who has a net worth of $7 million.

Her first well-known role in the industry is in the animated movie Snow Queen. From then on, she played important roles in movies like the School of Rock, where she acted like a schoolgirl talented in playing the cello. She also helped in the production of the film also. 

She became proficient at the art of professionalism. She soared high and high, especially in the area of production. In two years, she worked as the executive Producer twice. The films such as American Teen, which was a popular show and Fair Game, thriller regarding political conflicts are some of the works she was a part of. 

Elisa has got a name of her own. Although she was a part of the industry for many years, she got her huge break in American Journey, the very popular documentary which she assisted in producing in 2013. This was a comedy documentary, and during these times, she was not with Michael Key. 

There are many more projects also which she assisted in. In the year 2014, she exhibited her multi-talent by creating the Boy meets Girl a comedy show. In the year 2016, she became a director for Better off Single. Elisa is a good example of women who have made their careers in a place that is completely taken over by men. 

  • Her relationship 

Elisa, before meeting up with Key, did not have a relationship with anyone that the media knew of. Many only speculate that she may have been in a relationship. She kept her personal life private, so many people did not know about her because of this. It is safe to say that she has not been in a long relationship before. 

Keegan-Michael Key has been married for fifteen years before he met Elisa. This was a truth many people knew. The reason for his ending his relationship with Cynthia is not known, but he was content to cut ties with his wife. 

Two years after this disastrous episode, he revealed his relationship with Elisa. He surprised his fans by sharing his engagement in social media. His fans never thought he would start a new relationship this soon. The Key did not have any kids with his ex-wife. She was older, and the age difference was very much. 

But people were able to see that Elisa and Key were very much in love with each other. The couple got engaged after dating for a short time and married seven months after the time of engagement. Their wedding was a private ceremony that took place at the New York home on the 8th of June 2018. 

The marriage is going on well, but still, there is no news about the couple planning for kids. Both are fifty years of age but who can say what they plan in the future. They might even adopt a kid.

  • Worked as a Director for Key’s movie 

In her great tour as a producer and director, Elisa is experienced in her field of work. There is no end to her accomplishments. In 2018 she had a considerable part in the creation of the thriller of an undercover cop who works in the department of New York. He is struggling to forget his past. The name of the film is Madero. Her husband is not the major character in the film, but other notable stars were also included. 

The fan followers of this couple enjoyed this production. This shows that the couple respects each other as individuals as well as professionals. 

  • Mad in Love 

They are a couple who are truly in love with each other. They understand each other well. They come together for all of the popular events such as Met Gala, Red Carpet, and many more. They are also a stylish couple dressing up impeccably for celebrity events. 

Because of these many qualities people love and adore this couple. They are an inspiration to couples all over the world.