How to Find Missing Safari Icon On iPhone or iPad

Missing Safari Icon On iPhone

Safari is the iOS equivalent of google chrome. It is the default macOS, iOS equivalent to windows and android browsers, for a lot of iPads and iPhones. This Safari icon is pre-installed. It is among a bunch of pre-installed apps that you get in a stock Apple handheld product.  

Safari is an amazing Default application that helps people in performing quick searches and browses the internet with great ease. 

Either due to some kind of malfunction or problems on the end of the manufacturer, safari might not be located on the main home screen. The main home screen is where some of the contacts, messages, and safari icons are all normally located. 

If some of other reasons you are unable to find the icon, then you need not stress yourself out over it. You could do quite a few things and some other tips to ensure it doesn’t get over it. 

Here’s how to find Missing Safari Icon On iPhone or iPad

Spotlight Search  

iPhone and iPad both have a very nifty option to search things in your phone through Spotlight Search. The process is simple, simply pull down on your screen from the home screen to get the spotlight search. 

The next thing to do is to simply search for safari in that search bar. Once you find it, you can simply tap on it and then drag it back to your home screen. 

Check Additional Pages 

Most phones and iPads have a default main screen and additional pages that you can add at your convenience. You can swipe the screen to your left or right and check those pages. Chances are Safari would be on one of those pages. 

Check Hidden Pages 

Hidden pages on your device can be accessed by long-pressing on the home screen. You will find three dots at the bottom of the page.  Next >> Edit pages >> as well those pages.

Parental Control 

Parental control can restrict access to certain applications. You should definitely check these settings.  

Go to settings and find screen time: further select content and privacy restrictions. Next, select allowed apps and search for safari. If it is enabled, disable and enable it again.   

This should make the icon appear on your page as well as permit it to appear in spotlight search. 

  • Check Folders 

It is possible to accidentally swipe away your applications into random folders or even delete them. Thus, make sure your folders do not have safari. Most people make a lot of application folders, and it is possible to find one of your icons there. 

  • Reset Home Screen 

One of the best ways to find Safari on your device is to take care of your device’s home screen. Then, as a last resort, go to settings. Then go to general. Select Reset and then select Reset Home Screen Layout. 

This will reset your home screen to its default settings. This, however, should not be used as the first method. This should always be the last resort if you cannot find the app.  


The portability of such devices is their biggest strength. Just like how Android has google chrome, Safari is an App that we cannot live without.  It allows people to search for places like escape rooms and other interests and hobbies on the go. 

These six methods will help you in finding your Missing Safari Icon On iPhone and iPad. It is one of the safest alternatives to any other browser you might install on your phone as a default application.  

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