Everything You Should Know About Car Insurance And Car Parts Protection

Car Insurance Coverage

A car is an expensive and luxurious possession made up of a number of complex parts. There are certain car parts like tyres, batteries, alternators, clutch, etc. that are quintessential to work properly in order to run a car smoothly. Damage to any of these parts can have a hefty repair cost on the owner. However, with Kotak Car Secure, you need not worry about these expenses as we are there to help you out. 

Apart from the basic car insurance policy, you can also insure essential parts of the car. For example, with the tyre cover add-on, if the tyres get damaged, the admissible repair cost will be payable. Let’s get into the details.

Car insurance and car parts protection

Comprehensive cover typically does not include replacement of spare parts so you need car part protection. For extra protection, you have the option of adding add-ons to your car insurance by paying an extra premium. Let us take a look at the add-ons you can opt for:

  • Depreciation cover

Depreciation of car parts is obvious and so, your insurer deducts the depreciation cost of your car parts while settling a claim. Sometimes, this cost may sincerely affect the overall claim amount that you receive. This is when a zero-dep cover comes as a good investment. With the depreciation cover add-on, the depreciation cost of your vehicle is waived off at the time of calculating the claim.

  • Consumables cover

There are certain consumables required for a car to work properly. These include nuts & bolts, AC gas, lubricants, grease, and so on. Consumables need replacement on a frequent basis since they depreciate due to continuous use. With Kotak Car Secure’s consumables cover add-on, you no longer have to pay these expenses from your end. It covers the cost of consumables.

  • Tyre cover

Tyres’ repair cost is generally not included in the basic car insurance policy. Tyres are expensive, the replacement costs can exhaust your finances during the accident. However, with a tyre cover add-on, your insurer is there to bear the cost of tyre repair and replacement.

  • Engine protect

Engine is the heart of the vehicle and it is very important to keep it all working to have a good car ride experience. The engine remains out of the coverage of a car insurance basic plan except for accidental damages. So, you may want to purchase engine protect add-on cover by Kotak General Insurance to ensure you do not have to pay when it comes to.  Consequential Damage of your Car arising out of water ingression/leakage of lubricating oil etc.


A car insurance policy along with required add-ons gives your car the much-needed all-around coverage. You can choose from the options of spare parts coverage like key replacement, engine and consumables cover and so on. There are several ways in which you can replace the spare parts of your car; like purchasing new ones directly from the manufacturers, so that they are original and most suitable for your car. 

Alternatively, you may also look for duplicate parts from a trusted and reliable dealer, it will cost you less than the original ones. Apart from these two, you also have the option to get used spare parts from certain garages and junkyards. These may not be in their best condition but if you are on a tight budget, you may have to go with these. Save your hard-earned savings with Kotak Car Secure. Enjoy cashless services at more than 1000 network garages in the country.

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