Is Stansfield University In Power Series Real?

Is Stansfield University In Power Series Real

Well, if you were a loyal fan of the spin-off series Power Book 2, then you must have heard about Stansfield University. After all, it is one of the places where the plot takes place in the series. Naturally, fans get curious about the exact location and other details of such a place. So, if you are also curious, just keep reading to learn more.

Interestingly, this curiosity extends beyond the show’s plot, as fans frequently engage online to write my discussion post about the real-life inspirations for Stansfield University. These discussions often explore the parallels between the fictional university and actual institutions, further blurring the lines between the show’s world and reality.

Is Stansfield University a real university?

As of my last update in April 2023, there is no widely recognized or accredited institution named “Stansfield University” located in New York. It’s possible that this could be a fictional university, a newly established institution, or perhaps a misspelling or misinterpretation of an existing university’s name.

If you’re looking for information about a specific institution for educational purposes, it might be helpful to verify the name and location. For universities in New York, there are many well-known institutions like New York University (NYU), Columbia University, and others. If “Stansfield University” is part of a fictional narrative or a new establishment, more information might be available through specific context or recent announcements.

Well, the straight answer is no. That’s right, if you search for it on the internet, you will end up with different college names. But you won’t see Stansfield University in your search results. On the other hand, the show really did a fantastic job of making everything look real. Surely, when you read more about the sets of this show, you will understand.

Stansfield university

Location Power Book 2

Of course, the storyline of the spin-off will follow what happened in the series finale. Yes, you will get to see what happened when Ghost was murdered by his own son, Tariq. Well, the location of the shooting will be all of New York for this drama. Furthermore, you can even see real prison cells, which were filming spots for some scenes. On the other hand, you can expect new turns and developments in the upcoming show. After all, this will have a new vibe due to the evolution of the character Tariq into Ghost himself.

Also, actors said that there will be a lot of younger people in the show because it mostly showcases their lives at Stansfield University. Yes, you will see here how the drug world is present on higher education premises.

Location Power Book 2

Fans demand Ghost’s resurrection

In the first trailer of the Power Book 2 series, you can see Ghost viewing Tariq running through Stansfield University. Recently, Netflix’s original series concluded after months of suspense over who killed the upcoming politician. Of course, the series left the fans in a state of shock when they learned that Ghost’s son, Tariq, was the killer. Yes, Tariq gunned his target down in Hi-Nightclub Truth. However, Tariq got away from the incident. On the other hand, Tasha was mistakenly detained for this killing.

Now, fans are demanding that Ghost make at least a cameo appearance even though he is dead, according to the plot. Otherwise, they threaten to cancel their subscription itself. In other words, fans have vowed to boycott the entire thing if the higher-ups don’t bring back Ghost in the series.

Also, in the teaser of the new spin-off series, the setting is after the days of Ghost. Here, you can see Tasha in an orange jumpsuit behind the bars. Likewise, Tariq is working hard to keep up his GPA, which he can trust.

What can you expect from the upcoming new season?

For starters, you will get to see Tasha in an orange jumpsuit for most of the episodes. As a viewer, you can expect to see the coexistence of Tasha’s prison world with the college world of Tariq. Well, the plot moves with Tariq as he tries everything to save his mother. Of course, you will get courtroom drama because of Tasha’s trial.

That’s all, folks. I hope this helped you learn more about the upcoming series. For more updates, stay tuned!

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