15 Tools That Are Perfect for Startups

15 Tools That Are Perfect for Startups

Every new business relies on technology these days to some extent. With everything moving only and centralized, being able to control information about your business and using it to grow has become the norm everywhere. To make sure your business also gets the best out of every scenario, we are sharing 15 of the best tools that we think are perfect for startups.

1. Squad Help

If you are bad at naming things, your business might benefit from this amazing tool that provides suitable names for businesses. However, you can use it to find names for other things as well.

2. Clarity

Having helpful advice from veteran entrepreneurs is extremely useful for any new business. That is exactly what you get from Clarity which gives you access to industry experts over the phone.

3. Germ.io

This tool takes the concept of mind maps and takes it to another level where you can use it to develop your business successfully by staying in touch with the bigger picture.

4. Mindmeister

This is also a mind-mapping tool that allows you to create detailed and structured plans for your business projects. You can even present your mind maps as slideshows to any audience you want.

5. Javelin

This is a product evaluation tool that focuses primarily on bringing you closer to your customers. You can use it to find out if your product is going to work in the target market.

6. Just In Mind

If you want to create prototypes for mobile or web apps this is the ultimate solution for you. Your models can come to life in no time with just a few clicks in this tool.

7. Balsamiq

If you want to give your customers a flawless experience every time they use your services, then this tool is a must for you. Access detailed information on software with improvements and suggestions that you can readily use.

8. Product Hunt

It is all in the name with this one. Product Hunt helps you find amazing products that are curated based on the reviews of users on different platforms.

9. Beta List

This is a tool designed to provide you with all the information and feedback that you need for your business before you launch it to ensure that you are successful.

10. Press Kite

Doing press for your business is a critical part of its initial marketing. This tool allows you to prepare a complete press kit that you can share with journalists whenever they ask for it.

11. Cloudways

This is an excellent website hosting service that provides seamless hosting services with a wide range of features that allow you to be in control of your website like never before.

12. Hootsuite

Social media has become the primary marketing tool for almost all startups these days and no one lets you manage it better than Hootsuite. Everything you need, including post-scheduling, is present on this platform.

13. MailChimp

Email marketing is a surprisingly underused marketing tool and if you want to get into that game, your best bet is to use MailChimp. It is easy to use and packs a bunch of amazing features.

14. Mangools

Making SEO manageable is a dream of pretty much any online business these days. With this tool, you can do exactly that by managing five different SEO tools together.

15. Google Analytics

Last but certainly not least, your website analytics can provide you a world of useful information and Google Analytics does that job seamlessly and effectively.


We highly recommend that you utilize as many of these tools as you can to grow your business. The value that each of these tools can add will certainly be visible once you start to gain some traction.