Everything You Need To Know About The Peace Dollar Before Selling

Peace Dollar Selling

Are you looking to sell your peace dollar coins? Before you do, it is important to have information about these historical silver coins and why they have great value in the current market. Read on to get all the information that pertains to the peace dollar.

The history of the Peace dollar

The peace dollar was designed by a 34-year-old renowned sculptor known as Anthony de Francisci during a competition to find the best-designed symbol for peace. The primary reason for issuing the coin was to commemorate the peace that followed after World War I. 

The peace dollar was approved in December 1921 by Andrew Mellon, the Treasury Secretary. Over a million coins were struck bearing a 1921 date. The coin then began circulation in January 1922. 

The design used was intended to capture the vigor, vitality, and intellectual speed of the United States. One side of the peace dollar represents the Goddess of Liberty’s head and neck. The depiction of Liberty wearing a radiant crown symbolizes the country’s new attitude. The other side of the peace dollar has an olive branch and a bald eagle clutched to it with the legend “Peace”.

Peace dollar value

If you are looking to sell your peace dollar coins, it is essential to know their value. Being the last United States dollar coins with up to 90% silver composition, peace silver dollars are very valuable. Each dollar has a minimum value of $15 due to the silver content.

Most United States coins are legal to own except the 1964 peace silver dollar. This is because the Denver mint struck more than 316,000 peace dollar coins dated 1964. This was done amid great controversy in 1965, and all these coins were said to have been melted. 

If you have coins in excellent condition, they have an approximated value of $28 to $30 each. A mint state (MS) 60-grade uncirculated peace dollar can get you up to $50. The older and uncirculated the dollar is, the more valuable it is. The 1921 peace Dollar has an estimated average value of $125, with a certified MS going for $1600.

In 1960, the US government decided to make more peace dollars and put them into circulation. However, they changed this agreement and gave an order that the 1964-D peace dollar coins be destroyed. In 1973, the Treasury ruled that it was illegal to own a 1964-D peace dollar.

2021 Peace Dollar

The United States is celebrating its 100th anniversary since the first peace dollar was struck. 

The US mint has tried to recreate the peace dollar design using historical assets, including high-resolution images, coins and dies to commemorate these historic coins. The 2021 peace dollar design elements have a few changes. They are an excellent match for modern commemorative coin specifications.

The coins also have a different metal composition compared to the original coins. They have been struck using 99.9% silver metal, unlike the original coin, which used 90% silver and 10% copper. The Philadelphia Mint has been tasked with making one version of the 2021 peace dollar.  

As seen above, the peace dollar is a great historical coin with great value attached to it. Now that you know more about the peace silver dollar, you can clearly tell the value of the dollars in your possession.