Birthday Catering: The Essential Guide to Planning a Ravishing Birthday Event at Melbourne

Birthday Catering

This blog discusses 5 tips that can help one organize an enjoyable, cost-effective birthday party at Melbourne. It takes a look at how one can coordinate with a caterer to come up with fun-filled and interesting food and theme-based party ideas.

Every birthday is a milestone of sorts – commemorating each phase of a person’s life journey. So, it hardly comes as a surprise that birthdays have always been celebrated with much pomp across the globe. And at any important celebration, food is always the first invitee!
Are you making plans for an exciting birthday bash at Melbourne this time around? And does birthday catering Melbourne feature anywhere in your agenda? Then read on, as we have put together 5 key tips that you can consider while you plan your next birthday party in Melbourne.

“Happy Birthday to…” whom?

The first thing to consider while planning a birthday bash is whose birthday it is – no, we’re not just talking about the person’s name and his/her relation to you. It also implies other criteria such as age, hobbies and of course, food preferences. Such minute details help one plan the theme and menu for a birthday party. For instance, for the birthday-party of a six-year-old, you could find out the child’s favourite cartoon character and organize a tailor-made cake that is themed around this character. Theme-based birthday props can also be set up accordingly. 

Let’s Talk Budget!

Budget limits may seem like constrictions; but in fact, they help one effectively organize events. It’s always a good idea to prepare an elaborate budget plan with bifurcations for various expenses – food being an indispensable part of the same. Before you start making purchases for the event, make sure to coordinate with your caterer and chalk out a concrete budget plan, considering all the services offered by the catering agency. This can help you organize a cost-effective and enjoyable event.

Where’s the Party?

Now that we’ve decided upon the theme and budget, it’s time to finalize a venue for the event. Depending on the above factors, your theme could range from an elaborate banquet or hotel to your backyard. You can make arrangements basis the birthday boy or girl’s preferred location – for instance, if he/she likes spending time by the beach, the venue could be a coastal location. You can also organize separate fun games and events for the children and adults attending the party. Speak to your caterer about the permissions you may require to take from the owners or other concerned authorities governing certain venues.

Your Guest RSVP

“The more, the merrier” definitely applies to your party invitees. But it’s always good to have a fairly accurate idea about how many guests would turn up on the day so that you can avoid wastage of resources. While sending out invites, request your guests to share RSVPs confirming whether or not they would attend the event. This would help you plan your party in an organized and cost-effective manner.

Last But Not Least – The Party Menu!

Let’s talk about what’s probably the primary attraction at every event – the menu. The best catering is one that incorporates cuisines that are sufficient in quantity while also not compromising on quality. You could consult your caterer and come up with interesting themes for your dinner party catering in Melbourne while also keeping in mind the budget limits. Menu cards should be inclusive of interesting vegetarian alternatives and fine accompaniments for starters and finger foods. Also, while inviting your guests, it’s a good idea to request them to let you know in advance if they have any specific food restrictions. This helps to cater to their requirements without any hassles.

Birthday celebrations are community affairs – and some planning, along with a good catering service, can help one create unforgettable birthday memories.