How CBD Can Help with a Hangover

How CBD Can Help with a Hangover

After having one too many drinks of an evening or on a night out, many of us can relate to having a hangover the next day. Whilst it may seem some people do not struggle after alcohol consumption, others can feel extremely fatigued, dizzy, and even unwell. Those looking for hangover cures may look high and low for products to help or even rely on advice from family and friends, some more helpful than others. One product that can help with a hangover is CBD or cannabidiol, and it is becoming increasingly popular for all manner of wellness benefits, with Area 52 providing informative advice on its use and advantages for wellness. So, how can CBD help with a hangover?

A natural remedy

Rather than choosing harsher products or questionable hangover advice, CBD can provide a natural solution to help your body and mind feel better. Derived from the cannabis plant, CBD is one of many compounds found in cannabis that is extracted and used in everything from oils to teas, edibles and more. CBD will not provide the “high” feeling associated with cannabis as this is related to THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. THC is a separate cannabinoid that has psychoactive properties, something that is not present in CBD. 

A hangover solution?

As CBD can counter the effects of anxiety, stress and depression, studies have shown it is effective for pain relief and can aid other biological processes in the body. When experiencing a hangover, alcohol has been absorbed into your body and it is your body’s way of helping to remove the toxic effect. This means energy levels can feel low and you may struggle with concentration and keeping awake, even feeling nauseous. The way in which CBD can assist with these feelings is by reacting with your endocannabinoid system or ECS. Just by taking a few CBD oil drops and adding them to a drink or food, you can assist your body with alleviating these symptoms and help balance your ECS.

Other uses for CBD

As well as fighting feelings of sickness, dehydration and fatigue, CBD has more uses than just to help your self-inflicted hangover. Many studies have shown that CBD use can help all manner of ailments from sore or painful joints and muscles, to provide relaxation from stressful situations. As it can be an effective way to provide pain relief, using products such as CBD lotions or body creams can help you directly apply CBD to the affected areas. CBD oil drops are a common way to self-regulate the amount of CBD you want to add, but there are many products available that make this easier. 

CBD infused products range from tea, coffee, energy drinks, edibles such as gummies and cookies, to skincare lotions and moisturisers. If you prefer to take supplements, there are also CBD capsules available. There are plenty of reasons to choose CBD as part of a healthy lifestyle which can even help improve mood, concentration, and sleep. 

So, next time you have over-indulged with alcohol and are feeling the effects the day after, consider CBD as a way to help alleviate common hangover symptoms.