Complete Process To Correct Your GST Registration Error

GST registration

Getting a GST registration for your business or company is a mandatory rule for most people and organisations that deal in goods and services. 

But doing the entire registration process error-free becomes sometimes difficult with no guidelines. To make this GST registration easy and error-free here is a detailed guideline to follow for new applicants. 

First of all, one should know that the entire procedure is done online. After the GST registration is submitted and verified, the applicant may start enjoying the GST benefits.

Primary stage of application-

  • Access to the GST official portal and then click on the service bar to get the new registration section. 
  • From here you need to generate a TRN after completing the OTP validation. After this, the new Registration page will appear. In case you have left your application incomplete earlier, you may complete it at this stage using the TRN number. 
  • You will find a drop-down menu where you need to select the taxpayer type as per your criteria. 
  • In the State/UT and district section, you need to select the right information as per your state and district. 
  • Next, you need to provide the legal name of the business as mentioned in the PAN database. 
  • Submit the email address of the Primary Authorised Signatory in the field left for the email address.
  • Next, you need to click on the proceed button to get to the next section of the GST registration online process. 

Secondary stage of the registration process

In this state, the OTP is verified and TRN is generated. 

  • After the successful submission of the above-mentioned information, there will be an OTP sent to your email address that will be valid for 10 minutes. There will be two separate OTP for email and Mobile number verification. 
  • Next comes the generation step as this will be used to submit the registration. First, you login with the TRN generated and also write the captcha correctly to proceed further. 
  • Next, you will need to submit the business details correctly. For this various information have to be submitted to get the GST number successfully. These are the trade names, the constitution of business, district and sector, ward, charge and unit, commissionerate code, division code, and range code.
  • Make sure that you input the date of commencement of the business correctly. 
  • Next, you have to select the date on which your business crossed the aggregate turnover for GST registration. The taxpayers need to file an application for new GST within the next 30 days from the date of the liability.

Final stage-

Submission of promoter information 

In this part, the details of the promoter must be submitted. In case it is a company, the details of the company directors have to be submitted. In case it is a proprietorship, the information of the proprietor has to be submitted. One may attach of up to 10 promoters or business partners. 

Submission of the authorised Signatory information 

The authorised signatory is the person who is nominated by the promoters of the company. That person is responsible for filing GST returns of the company or business. He or she also has full access to the GST portal. This person is also responsible for undertaking all the transactions made by the company on behalf of the promoters. One may also select one of the promoters of the company as the authorised Signatory. 

In such a case, the information details will be auto-populated from the previous details given as the information will be the same as that of the promoter. 

Place of the business 

This is the primary place where the main business is located and carried out. This address is very essential to fill as it evaluates the existence of the company or the business. This is the place where the main business’s book of accounts and records are also kept. This could be the headquarter of the firm. The registered office of the business will be the principal location in case of a company or LLP.

Any additional place

This is for that business that has an additional place of operations. One has to enter every detail of additional place in this section. 

Goods and services details 

This is the part where taxpayers have to mention the top 5 goods and services that the business or the company supplies. The business is not restricted to mention the various goods and services that they deal in and the list is just indicative. Both HSN and SAC codes are essential to mention for goods and services respectively. 

Hope this clear all the confusions regarding GST registration.