Everything You Need for A Perfect Wedding Reception

Perfect Wedding Reception

You want everything to be perfect on the happiest day of your life. You have a handsome groom, a beautiful dress, a romantic service in an exquisite building and now you need to think about the big celebration afterward. Here is a guide to having everything you need for a perfect wedding reception.

The Venue

First, you need to think about a place to hold your wedding reception. You will probably want to choose a venue near the place at which you had your wedding ceremony so that it isn’t a long journey for you and your guests between locations. Check out wedding venues in Utah and see what appeals to you. It will depend on the number of guests you have, whether you have a sit-down meal or buffet and whether you want a band or a DJ and dance floor. If you plan on having your wedding night there, have a peek at the bridal suite and also check that there is sufficient accommodation for guests who need it.

The Décor

Ensure the venue you choose has décor and facilities that appeal to you, and that will make a suitable backdrop to your photographs.  Maybe there are beautiful grounds you could use if the weather is nice – you might be able to arrange with the venue manager to set up a marquee in which to hold the reception,

Decorate the reception room with fresh flowers to match your bouquet and exquisite chair covers with silk ribbons to match the colors of your bridesmaid’s dresses. Consult the venue about tablecloth colors and chinaware options.  Adorn the tables with handmade wedding favors, disposable cameras for the guests to use, and glistening confetti.

Food and Drink

Decide if you want to have a formal meal at the tables, a buffet, or even a barbeque on the venue grounds. Take into consideration the number of guests, your budget, and the dietary choices of your guests.

Drinks are another thing that is dependant on your budget.  You may want to have an open bar where people can help themselves to anything they want at your expense, or you might supply a few complimentary drinks for toasts and bottles of wine on the tables during the meal, leaving guests to pay for subsequent beverages themselves.

The Music

The bride and groom need to have their traditional first dance so you will need to organize some musical entertainment. If you wish to have a band to play at the reception, check out local bands online, or ask friends and family to give you some recommendations. It would be best if you had a band who can play various music genres to appeal to the range of guests. It helps if the band is fun and able to give your guests some humorous chat.

If the venue isn’t huge and there isn’t sufficient room to accommodate a band, consider hiring a DJ who can play a range of music and even provide some disco lights.

Whatever you choose, your wedding reception is bound to be one of the best nights of your life!