Making Scented Candles At Home: How To Do It?

Scented Candles
Credit: Pixabay/Pexels

Candles are an important part of our decor and homeware for many of us, and as a result of this, we tend to spend a lot of money on candles every year. But there is a cheap way for us to make candles at home, and this can become a fun and easy hobby for us all.

Making your own candles

Are you looking for a new hobby to try out? Then you should consider making your own candles. This is a great hobby that can be done at home whenever suits you and allows you to make lots of different scented candles. However, to make your own candles, you need to learn how to make scented candles safely. Once you know how to make them, this hobby can be immensely rewarding and a great pastime for you.

Creating Unique Scents for Your Candles

When it comes to candle making, creating an exceptional scent can be just as important as choosing the right wax or wick. A noteworthy scent can transport your customers to a particular moment or place, making your candles something more than a source of light but a tangible encounter. To create a new scent, consider mixing different fragrance oils together to create an exceptional scent. Experiment with different proportions and blends until you find the ideal balance. Try surprising combinations like vanilla and savoury or lavender and dark pepper. With just the right amount of innovation, you can bring a perfume creation to life that your customers will appreciate and want more of.

Get Your Container Ready

The first step is to pick out your container. This can be anything from an old jam jar to a glass jar. These can be reused once you have burnt a candle out entirely and then cleaned to be used again for another candle. If you do not have any containers available then you can buy these quite cheaply from homeware stores or online shops.

Wax measures

The next important step is measuring the amount of wax that you will need to make your candle. To figure this out, you will need to measure out how much wax you need to fill the jar entirely and then double that. You will then need to melt all of this wax in a pot. It should only take ten minutes or so to melt, but if it needs longer, then do not rush the process. You will need to keep an eye on the wax though and be sure to stir the wax regularly. 

Add scent after melting the wax

You will obviously need some scented oils for making candles and they are absolutely crucial for the next step. You will now need to choose what scent you would like your candle to be and pour a few drops of this into the melted wax and stir. This will give your candle a lovely smell and make sure that you can smell your desired scent. This step is crucial for making scented candles because if you do not do it you will just have a plain-smelling candle.

Nubia Navarro
Credit: Nubia Navarro/ Pexels

Put the wick in place and pour the wax 

Before pouring the wax into your container, you will need to attach the wick to the bottom of your container. The wick is where you will light the candle when it is completed. In order to attach it to the container you should dip it into the melted wax and use the wax to then stick it onto the bottom of the container. Just be sure to place enough wax on the wick otherwise, it might not stick.

Once you have given the wick a good ten or fifteen minutes to harden and stick, you should move on to pouring the wax. You should do this while you hold the wick in place just to make sure that it does not move. However, make sure to leave a little bit of candle wax to finish your candle later.

Set it up

Now it is time to put the finishing pieces on your candle. Firstly, you need to secure the wick in place. Otherwise, you risk it falling into the wax and you being unable to light your camera. You can do this with chopsticks or by balancing a fork on the top of the candle container. You then need to add your remaining wax to the top and cut your wick down to a manageable size, and you’re all done! You now have your very own scented candle. 

Once you get used to making your own candles, you could look into how to make your own candle scent. You can do this by mixing essential oils together or by even using lemon and orange zest to try new combinations of scents.

In Conclusion

After going through all of this to make your candle, you may be wondering how long do scented candles last? This entirely depends upon how often you burn your candle, but they can last for weeks and the scent should last for the entire time that your candle does. Making candles can be both fun and worthwhile and it can be a really relaxing activity. So, when are you going to start making your own candles?