Ernest Khalimov: Career, Biography, Rumours & Net Worth

Ernest Khalimov
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GigaChad, or Ernest Khalimov is a Russian fitness model by profession. Firstly, we do not have exact information about his birthday. However, we assume that he was born between 1991- 1992. Secondly, he is not just a model but a fitness trainer, and a bodybuilder. Alongside he is a popular person in the media and has his own business in Moscow. 

We have seen that he has became very popular overnight because memes were made of him. Besides, we all have seen him in popular menswear brand ads. Let us now talk about the life of this “average person” or what he calls himself. 

The sudden popularity of Khalimov
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The sudden popularity of Khalimov

In a very short time, he became very popular on the internet. Memes were made on him, and in 2017, someone submitted his photo on 4Chan. Furthermore, after all this, netizens all over the world started to call him GigaChad. In fact, they started questioning if Khalimov is a real person or not.  Did you know that once some people circulated news about his death? Yes, we will tell you everything about it.

However, several reports have confirmed that GigaChad is a living person. Meanwhile, in April of 2021, he posted a long post on Instagram to thank people for their positive energy. In fact, that was a very subtle and positive way of telling people to mind their own business. 

Ernest Khalimov age

We have already told you earlier that she didn’t share his birthday anywhere. We think that he doesn’t like to share private information. However, we found out that he was born between 1991 – 1992. This means that presently he is 30 or 31 years old. 


Real Name Ernest Khalimov
Nickname GigaChad 
Net Worth $1 Million USD
Date of Birth B/W 1991-1992
Age 30-31 years (As Of 2022)
Birthplace Moscow, Russia
Current Residence Not Known
Nationality Russian
Profession Fitness model, fitness trainer, and a bodybuilder
Martial Status Unmarried
Boyfriend/ Affairs Not known
Religion Christianity 
Zodiac sign Not known

He has not shared much information about his personal life on social media. Nor has he spoken about it with the media. However, we found out that he was born in Moscow, Russia. You already know that his actual name is Ernest Khalimov. Moreover, we hear that he is not at all sociable. Perhaps that is the reason we can’t find information about his educational background and family. However, we know that he is a graduate and studied at a local school.

Ernest Khalimov height
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Ernest Khalimov height

He is standing tall with a height of 6 feet 11 inches ( 2.10m, 210cm). Furthermore, he is a very fit and stout person. 

Other details on physical appearance

Firstly, his weight is around 98 kg. Secondly, he has dark brown eyes and hair. He is quite muscular and goes to the gym regularly to maintain his stature. 

About his religion and ethnicity

From what we could find out, he is a Russian citizen. Besides, he is of mixed ethnicity. His family is ardent follower of Christianity. This is what we could find about his personal life so far.

Ernest Khalimov’s car accident

Out of nowhere, netizens saw the news in April 2021 that Khalimov had a major car accident. Furthermore, people also shared that he had died. That was shocking news for his fans. 

Rumour of his death
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Rumour of his death

The rumour spread that he had a car accident and he had succumbed to his injuries. Moreover, people started sharing posts everywhere. However, several reports confirmed that this was just fake news, and Khalimov is doing well. Currently, he is working hard towards his career.

About his relationships

It is difficult to find out anything about him because he is a very private person. Although we have looked into his Instagram account, we haven’t seen him with any other except Krista Sudmalis. Sudmalis is a very popular photographer there. 

Some other facts on GigiChad
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Some other facts on GigiChad

  • In 2017, he shared a picture with three others like him. It seemed as if he was trying to clone himself. 
  • Besides, netizens started to question if GigiChad was real or not. Some even thought that Krista Sudmalis created Gigi. Sudmalis is a digital creator too. 
  • However, later in 2021, we were sure that Khalimov was a real person. 
  • You already know that he is a bodybuilder too.
  • He has endorsed fitness products for many good brands. 
  • His first Instagram post was in 2016.
  • Besides, now he has a lot of followers at @berlin.1969, which is his Instagram account. 


He is a dedicated person. He is working hard for himself. We hope that he stays this fit and fine always.

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