Advantages of Buying Cricket Uniform from a Single Supplier

Advantages of Buying Cricket Uniform from a Single Supplier

Humans are always attracted to a variety. They want clothes of different colours and quality. They have a new taste and preference each day, and that is what contributes to the decisions they make.

However, when it comes to the purchase of cricket uniforms, you have to source from one supplier. While there is the option of buying from different suppliers, it is good for you to settle for one. This is because buying from a single supplier is more effective for a team’s uniform.

Here, I will explain some of the benefits that you can acquire by Buying Cricket Uniform from a single supplier.

Quality is guaranteed. Different suppliers have varying ways of making cricket uniforms and as such, the quality may differ. So, buying from one supplier ensures that the quality is the same and can be determined. You can choose how you want the uniform to look, thus ensuring quality standards are met. Since similar quality measures are taken, you can as well achieve quality control on the clothes.

  • Clear delivery deadlines

It is easier to set and meet deadlines when dealing with a single supplier than when dealing with many of them. Keeping in touch helps achieve this much faster. You can regularly check the progress and possibly make corrections where need be. This is unlike a situation where you have to call and set various deadlines with different suppliers. You also accrue the benefit of having delivery done at your doorstep.

  • Uniformity

Cricket uniforms should be uniform. This is to mean that they should have the same shade of colour, material, customization, and quality. This is possible where you are working with a single supplier like Cheeta Teamwear.

I understand that it is possible to work with different suppliers and still bring out uniformity, but there is more to it. A single supplier will have a defined way of bringing out quality and customizing your uniform such that there won’t be any difference, be it in colours, logos, or quality.

  • Discounted costs

The other benefit accrued is discounted costs. If you are to calculate the total charges of three suppliers, they are more than whatever amount one supplier would charge. The costs included are those for acquiring the material, printing the name or logo, delivery costs, and labour costs.

Buying in bulk from a single supplier would earn you discounted costs. There is a possibility of the supplier charging less especially if your team is large. Thus, you should consider the option of single sourcing rather than sourcing from multiple suppliers.


With so many suppliers in the market and the option to hire as many as you wish to, you have to know and understand the implications they are likely to bring you. They may affect your business both positively and negatively.

Hiring a single supplier is however profitable. There are many benefits accrued by doing so, and these include high quality, discounted prices, and uniformity of attire. This article discusses these in details.