How Does It Feel Working At Caliber Collision

Caliber Collision
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A lot of people are looking for great jobs that provide security as well as stability. In fact, if you are one of those people who wants a job that also pays well, then you can consider working at Caliber collision. Now the question is, what is Calibercollision in the first place? 

So, we should note that it’s a company that’s in the automobile industry. As per the sources, this firm wants to provide an amazing customer experience. People do know that working in the automobile industry has a lot of perks. 

So, if you want to grow your career, then you can try to apply for this job. It’s a private company that has its HQ in Lewisville, TX. There are not a lot of details that are available when it comes to this company’s history. 

However, we do know for a fact that it’s a company that has a lot of employees working. In addition, Caliber Collision also has a lot of branches all over the states. So, if you are looking to apply for a job, then you can find the nearest store and apply. 

An Overview On Caliber Collision Near Me

Overview On Caliber Collision
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Well, we have already mentioned the key facts about this company. However, there are other details that one should know before applying. So, it’s worth noting that people working at Caliber usually come from different demographic backgrounds. 

In fact, the company has 38 percent female employees and the rest male employees. Moreover, it’s also true that around sixty percent of the employees are from the republican party. Despite the political difference, it’s worth noting that there is no enmity between the employees. 

Coming to the company, as we know, Caliber focuses on automobiles. The employees working here usually stay at this firm for around 3.6 years on average. It’s also an industry leader with over 30k employees working. Moreover, the firm also enjoys annual revenue of around 250 million USD. 

Salary Details

Now that we know about this company in detail, let’s take a look at the salary aspects as well. So, we should note that the company pays around 39k USD to its employees on a yearly basis. 

However, the highest paying job, that is, of the estimator, gets around 70k USD per annum. There are a lot of other jobs as well, that includes jobs such as parts manager, human resources coordinator, benefits specialist, etc. So, if you are looking for a decent salary at this company, then you surely check out the job options that we just mentioned right now. 

Demographics Of The Company

Demographics Of The Company

There are sources out there that tell us about the company’s demographics. So, we should note that the company has around 62 percent male employees and the rest are female. There are a total of 30 thousand employees working at this company. 

Moreover, we should also note that around 48 percent of employees are of white ethnicity. In addition, we have already earlier mentioned that around 60 percent of employees are from the republican party. The people working at this company usually stay for around 3.6 years on average. Moreover, the average pay or salary for the employees is 39k USD at Calibercollision. 


  • How Much Money Does Caliber collision make?

As per the sources, Caliber collision makes around 250 million US per annum. 

  • What Is The Mission Of Caliber Collision?

Its mission is to provide an amazing customer experience. 

  • What Type Of Industry Is This Company?

It’s an automobile company.

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