How To Crack Cat Exam Without Any Coaching Classes?

CAT 2019 Exam

MBA aspirants have to wait for more 7 months to appear for CAT exam. There is no doubt that every MBA aspirant feels that CAT is much difficult than other competitive exams. But, CAT exam is not that challenging, it’s easier than catching a mouse in your house. These months are crucial preparation days, and students even face sleepless nights. There is a myth between students that coaching class is essential to crack the CAT exam. Are coaching classes really important? This myth should be busted because self-study can also help you to clear CAT exam 2019 without any coaching classes.

CAT exam is one of the competitive management entrance tests for MBA entrance tests. There are CAT online management courses which help students who belong from rural areas and working aspirants to pursue quality education in their comfort zone. The CAT syllabus is the first initial essential thing for students. Secondly, students should know their strong and weak points. Online mock tests also help students during their CAT preparation days. How can mock tests help students? It allows students to analyse their strength and weakness, can improve their weak points easily. Students can even keep a record about weak and strong topics after the analysis process.

CAT needs a huge amount of time to prepare and achieve excellent scores. It is advised that 8 to 9 months are enough for CAT exam preparation. But, still it’s not too late; students can start from the first topic and hit excellent scores at the end. Students should know the weight and number of topics in CAT syllabus. The below-mentioned preparation points will help students to solve the CAT exam by studying at home without any coaching classes.

CAT exam syllabus Sectional weight in the exam
Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension 44% weight age of marks appears in exam
Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning 32% weight age of marks appear in the exam
Quantitative Ability 34% weight age of marks appear in the exam
  • Essential preparation points for Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC) section

Students who find VARC section easy, thumbs up for them. But, students who struggle with VARC section have to start with the beginning and basics should be clear. It can be tough as maintaining a credit card in the financial crisis. Let’s not discuss credit cards but, questions are trickier in VARC section. Students have to analyses the data appropriately in the given content. Reading skills are most important while answering this section. Students have to dedicate one hour for VARC section and enhance their reading skills. Students should practice more about jumbled paragraphs and sentence formation to score excellent marks in this section.

Students should focus on given data rather than reading it rashly. VARC section is easy if students concentrate and answer the questions based on the paragraph. Students should read different articles available on the internet to enhance their grammar skills. Therefore consistent reading will help students in the VARC section.

  • Essential preparation points for Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning (DILR) section

The difficulty level of DILR section is increasing every year. The simpler form of questions also doesn’t appear in CAT exam. Practising about DILR section is just like preparing for a race. Calculation and mathematical skills matter a lot during DILR section. Students cannot start performing quick calculations on the first day like Use in Bolt also didn’t run fast on the initial race itself. Students have to enhance their mathematical skills and data analysis process to crack this exam. Data Interpretation is a blend of logic and skills which consists of no theory and formulas.

Students have to solve puzzles and logical to scorer well in this section. Students should perform DILR questions for 4 to 5 hours daily to easily crack this section.

  • Essential preparation points for Quantitative Ability (QA) section

QA section is the high-scoring compared to other ones in the exam. Learning the basics is the first initial step for students when it comes to scoring well in this section. There is the number of students who avoid the basics and jump on critical questions and end up failing in the exam. Students have to allocate one hour a day and solve all the basic and critical questions. The most essential preparation tip that students have to refresh their basic concept once in a week. There are important topics such as Modern Math etc which should not be avoided to crack QA section.

The weightage mostly changes in a couple of years; students should learn every topic rather than just focusing on important ones. Each topic should be revised every month which will enhance the chances of scoring well in the exam.


Students who can study smartly don’t need any coaching classes. Students can easily crack the CAT exam in the initial with the help of above preparation points and mock tests. Time management and basics are the key to get success in the CAT exam. Students should focus on weak areas after attempting mock tests. There is no alternative way to crack the CAT exam but, practice always makes you perfect.