Top 10 Tips To Take Care of Marble Worktops

Marble Worktops

Making the decision to adorn your kitchen with a marble worktop, with its great looks, is the simple part. Ensuring the safety of the marble against scratches and stains requires exertion, yet fortunately, marble worktop care is not a ton of work. The facts confirm that something as basic as water can leave stains if you don’t wipe it up rapidly enough, yet finding a way to clean your accents will guarantee they aren’t any harder to clean than most different materials. 

Here are a few tips and tricks you need to follow to get that marble to look as good as the day it was made.


There is a wide range of worktop sealers out there to pick from. Nevertheless, depending upon the constituents, some will be powerful, and others may cause harm to the marble worktop. A sealer isn’t impenetrable, but it prevents moisture from seeping through the surface for a much longer time than a surface that isn’t fixed. Some sealers have to be applied again after every year or two, others fifteen to twenty years.


Even though marble handles heat modestly, you will need to abstain from putting hot items on the marble. Use liners in case you place anything hot on the marble. Something else you need to do is to utilize ceramic or stone holders instead of metallic holders to prevent from rust stains.


Getting stains on marble is a rapid and easy task, regardless of whether the spill is simply of water. You can prevent stains by tidying up any spills right away. Indeed, this implies, irrespective of whether you’re extremely worn out. The 30 additional seconds it takes to tidy up a spill will be certainly justified as the marble worktop remains as lovely as it is. When you do need to clean a spill, be sure to soak up the spill in a blotting motion as opposed to rubbing or wiping, much the same as you would in the event that you were cleaning your carpet or apparel. Rubbing or wiping at the spot can aggravate the stain far and spread the substance and ruin the aesthetic your marble kitchen worktop.

Keep the cleaning process simple

For everyday cleaning, toning it down would be ideal. Just utilize a little microfiber cloth, with distilled, warm water to clean marble worktop. This is generally after contact with food and other everyday soil. Always use a dry cloth to dry the marble worktop since marble is inclined to water spots. Make sure to maintain a strategic distance from vinegar and other acidic cleaners when cleaning the marble kitchen worktop.

#Spot test

Before applying any sealant or treatment to your stone or marble, worktop emphasizes, make sure to complete a trial first. Locate a subtle territory, for example, behind a small apparatus or under a household item, and apply the treatment as coordinated. In the event that there is no discolouration or scratching after the apportioned holding up period, you can continue with treating the whole zone.

Wax, a friend, and a foe

Wax is regularly utilized for marble care since it secures and cleans the marble. Notwithstanding, the wax will prompt staining, particularly if the marble is white. To carry your marble to a sparkle, utilize business items.

Avoid scratching

Marble is inclined to get stained when exposed to light as it has calcium carbonate, which reacts with any acids. The acid destroys a little piece of the surface, bringing about dull spots known as engravings. Any sprinkle of corrosive is going to leave an unobtrusive imprint.


Set up the surface by expelling all the earth on it. Ensure you wipe all the grime, oil, waxes, and recolours with a business stone cleaner. This is imperative to abstain from driving them more profoundly into the surface when cleaning marble worktop.

Disinfect using Isopropyl Alcohol

If your marble or stone has a strong seal, you shouldn’t have to stress over sanitizing. Nonetheless, if the seal hasn’t been refreshed in some time, or on the off chance that you mostly want to utilize a disinfectant, at any rate, make sure to abstain from utilizing anything excessively cruel. 

Take professional help

If you have tried your hand at all of the ways mentioned above and still see no useful results. Its time you seek professional marble worktop care.