Divorce Guide: What Questions Will Your Divorce lawyer Ask You?

Divorce lawyer

Meeting your divorce lawyer for the first time can be emotionally challenging and stressful. There are possibilities where you might feel too overwhelmed to answer certain questions or ask crucial questions about the case. However, the first meeting with the lawyer always plays an important role in the entire process. During the first meeting with your divorce lawyer in Peoria, IL, you get an opportunity to determine whether the lawyer is good enough to handle your case or not. 

Therefore, preparing yourself before the meeting can always help you make sound decisions and avoid investing in misleading service providers. Here are some most prominent questions that most Denver divorce lawyer ask their clients and the way you can prepare yourself for the same.

1. What is the reason behind your divorce? 

Your divorce lawyer would always want you to be honest with them. This is one of the most common questions that you might come across while interacting with your lawyer for the first time. Be honest with your response and let your lawyer know the true reason behind your decision. 

2. What is your current living situation? 

This question helps the lawyer to get deep into your case and understand your decision well. This question is generally asked to know whether you live together with your partner or not. If not, they will further ask how long you have been living separately. 

3. Do you and your spouse have any children together? 

During the entire divorce process, the child’s custody plays the most critical issue. Often it takes years to get a fair decision for custody cases, especially if the child is a minor. 

4. What are your current real estate assets? 

While separating from your partner, your lawyer will make sure you are financially secured and all your financial concerns are taken care of. Ensure to carry certain real estate documents along with you to help your lawyer understand your case better. 

5. What financial assets do you and your partner share?

You must be honest with your lawyer when it comes to your financial status. This will involve disclosing any shared financial assets and accounts between you and your partner, including information on saving and investments accounts, fixed deposits, and more. 

6. Was there any abuse or addiction present in your marriage? 

This is the most important question of all. Your lawyer will want to inquire about the underlying cause of your decision and you must stay honest with the same. This will help you make your case more powerful. 

7. What is your employment status? 

Lastly, your lawyer would like to know the stability of your financial situation after your divorce. If you are employed, your lawyer will further ask questions related to your job title, company name, the money you make, and if the job is secured or not. 

When finding the trusted divorce lawyers in Peoria IL, ensure to ask proper questions and do some background research to gather more information about their services.

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