Can You Keep Up? The World’s Fastest Games

Fastest Games

One of the most popular ways for video game developers to add extra depth to their titles is to add an element of speed. Sometimes, games require players to navigate certain levels or obstacles within a certain amount of time. Alternatively, some developers create a warp speed-like mode that propels characters into hyper motion, making navigation and accuracy more difficult.

Still, most games can be played at varying paces, thanks to a handy pause button—or even a spin button. For example, online slots are considered one of the most exciting casino titles thanks to their spinning wheels, bonus features, and dynamic themes. However, gamers who play slots online choose when to spin. This lets them enjoy the title at their leisure.

Other games, like first-person shooter (FPS) titles, require gamers to perform at very high accuracy while making split-second decisions. For example, in games like Call of Duty and Counter-Strike, players might have less than a second to down an opponent before they get hit themselves. This adds more complexity for gamers as they progress to a more advanced level of play, helping differentiate casual fans from the pros.

Still, some developers keep speed in mind from the very start of the game production process. In other words, these titles aren’t just designed to challenge players with a quick pace—instead, they’re all about speed at a foundational level.

Extreme G III

As players progress in this racing game, they’re treated to faster bikes that run on bigger engines. Eventually, bikes progress to a speed that breaks the sound barrier—which developers kept in mind. At a certain point in the game, bikes move so quickly that there’s no longer any audio feedback—that’s because the noise generated by the bike’s engine literally can’t keep up.

DOOM Eternal

What pairs well with speed, no matter the content? Adrenaline. It seems that horror game developers have kept this reality in mind for the most recent release of DOOM. Along with terrifying beasts, the game includes a heavy metal soundtrack that will get any gamer’s blood pumping. Plus, there are the action scenes that only escalate as the game advances—enemies never seem to slow down and gamers will need to train their weapons on one after another for seemingly endless stretches. 

Post Void

Similar to DOOM Eternal, developers relied on the adrenaline of horror and the high-speed accuracy of FPS games to create an unforgettable new title. Post Void presents like a pixelated retro game… but once the action starts moving, it doesn’t stop. In addition to killing enemies at lightning speed, players are also put under another speed constraint—they have to complete each level in a certain amount of time. 

Post Void

F-Zero GX

This futuristic racer lets gamers weave through a futuristic city with a high-speed jet engine. In keeping with the sci-fi theme, the game propels players up to 2,000 km/h. While speed is subjective in any game, the mechanics require players to make split-second decisions as the cityscape passes by. Even the tiniest deviations can spell disaster—especially as players attempt to memorize new layouts on the game’s increasingly difficult levels.

Slope Unblocked

Another popular game that we can have thanks to the development of technology is Slope Unblocked. A futuristic reality of a game in which the user must avoid the red barriers and control the ball for as long as possible. Thanks to 3D technology, we can enjoy this game whose aim is to hold out as long as possible, and in which you can compete against your friends in a virtual way.

Beat Saber

Though not many gamers own a VR headset, many have likely heard of Beat Saber. Using handheld controllers, players must slice and dice moving objects in tune with various beats. Though the concept is simple and fun, the game moves at a dizzying speed. While many have likened it to Guitar Hero, the game’s physicality makes it a lot more challenging. In other words, if you don’t naturally have rhythm and coordination, you face a long period of practice before you’ll make any meaningful progress.

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