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273 is a deadly Remote Access Trojan also known as RAT. It can enter your computer system and let the hacker control your device remotely. After invading your system it executes a number of payloads which can damage the core of your system. Some of them even have the ability to watch what you are doing and steal personal or financial information. Hackers can make different types of RAT and once they attack a system it affects them differently. In this article, we will be talking more about it and see how to get rid of it.

More About

One of the main reasons why you need to worry about this virus is because it can remain hidden inside your computer for days, months, and years without you noticing it. The only way you can find this inside your computer is after it has successfully damage the core. 

Some of the symptoms include Black Screen of Death (BSOD), Laggy system performance, and high resource consumption. You can also find that some of your settings are completely missing and other don’t work or crashes upon opening. If the RAT remains in your computer system for a long time then it can make your system unrepairable.

How to Remove

Therefore, if you think you are seeing some symptoms then you need to take action as soon as possible. You will need to either remove the RATs from your system completely otherwise a single remaining file can once again start the infection and attack the system.

There are times when RATs can access your personal and private information. They can do this by key logger which creates a log of key presses and sends it to the hacker. Now, they will use this information to create a fake version of yourself to scam your family member. Or they will empty your bank account if they get access to your financial data.

How Spread into The System

Most of the virus needs to enter your computer system through your manual input. This includes downloading unsafe files from the internet or installing third-party pirate software. RAT can also attack from suspicious email message attachments and scripts on dubious websites.

Pirate websites or video streaming websites hide viruses in fake download or play buttons. Once you click on it you will be move to another webpage. Here some files or browser extension gets save on your system directly without asking for your permission. Pornographic and gambling websites also come under the category of dubious websites and you should avoid them at all costs.


Some scripts only need to be open once to start infecting the process and unsafe websites are famous for it. They either pretend to be some real official website by copying their interface, logos, and images. Others convince you to click on a button by using tricks such as captcha verification or notification access.

Other than that, RAT gets into the PC through the installation of third-party software which you download from unknown sources. These sources receive money to add these viruses into a legit working app. And because of this, they made even the pair app free. Once you install the app by ignoring all the steps and not reading the terms and condition the RAT also get into the pc.

How to Prevent From Infecting Your System

As of now, we have talk about and how it affects as well as spreads into your system. Let’s not discuss how you can prevent this or any RATs from entering your PC. The first and foremost step is to install trustable anti-virus software on your system. Make sure to read its online review before installing. Also, keep it up to date to find and remove any unnecessary virus infection.

Another method is to keep your operating system and application on their latest version. This is because hackers find gaps in older versions and exploit them to infect your system. Updating it will make sure that there is no gap and they cannot it to their advantage. Also with the update, some gaps are filled and RAT can no longer enter your PC.

The Internet is very useful and dangerous at the same time. There is no way to confirm if the website you are visiting is real or fake before opening. Therefore, you need to have a strong firewall enable all the time even if you are not using the internet. You also need to manually configure it to prevent hackers from remotely accessing your computer.

Counter.wmail-service Virus Removal

Never download anything from dubious or third-party websites even if it is for free. Most of them are just to lure innocent users like you and infect your PC with RATs and viruses. The same goes for email as well. Do not open or download attachments from spam emails or emails with suspicious names. 

Last but not least, regularly monitor your system for abnormalities. You can either set up your anti-virus software to perform a scan once every day. Or you can do full system scans to look for any suspicious files or services running in the background.


There are various harmful viruses that can destroy your computer system and your personal life. One such is which belongs to the category of RAT (Remove Access Trojan) virus. It enters your system through secretive methods and makes a home inside the core of your system. If you do not pay attention to it then it will access your personal files and make your PC unusable.

FAQ : 

1. What are the signs that my computer is infected with

Common signs include browser redirects, unexpected changes in your browser’s homepage or search engine, an increase in pop-up ads, and general browser instability or slow performance.

2. Can steal my personal information?

This browser hijacker can track your browsing activity and collect data, which might include personal information. This data is often used for targeted advertising and could be sold to third parties.

3. How can I remove from my computer?

You can remove it by manually checking for suspicious programs and browser extensions, resetting your browser settings, or using reliable antivirus software to scan and remove the malware.

4. Is it necessary to use antivirus software to remove

While manual removal is possible, using antivirus software is recommended for a thorough clean-up, especially if you’re not comfortable with manual removal steps.

5. How can I prevent future infections from similar malware?

To prevent future infections, avoid downloading software from untrusted sources, be cautious of email attachments and links, keep your software updated, and use reliable security software.

6. Can affect all web browsers?

Yes, it can affect any web browser, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge. It’s important to check all installed browsers on your system.

7. Should I change my passwords after removing

It’s a good practice to change your passwords, especially if you suspect any data breach or if your browser stored passwords.

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