It’s Getting Hot In Here 8 Signs You Need an Air Conditioner Repair

Air Conditioner Repair

Each year about 175 Americans die from extreme heat. Overheating can also cause heatstroke.

Stay cool this summer by investing in air conditioner repair. You might wonder, what are the signs that you need a repair for your air conditioner?

In this article, it’ll go over the signs that you need a repair service. Read on to explore these tell-tale signs and avoid overheating this summer!

Aging Unit

Air conditioning units don’t last forever. If your air conditioner is aging, you might want to consider hiring Larsen HVAC.

For air conditioners that are over 10 years old, you’ll definitely want to make that phone call. They can take a look and determine if you need an air conditioner replacement.

Strange Odors

Your air conditioner shouldn’t have an odd smell coming from it, that might mean electrical or wiring issues. For moldy smells, that can mean that you have mildew or mold in your unit.

Frozen Unit

Frozen AC’s mean that you might be experiencing a refrigerant leak. You’ll want an air conditioner repair company to come right away and fix this.

Loud Noises

Banging or loud rattling is a sign that there might be a loose part. This can lead to damage to the rest of your machine. Screeching sounds can mean that there’s an issue with the belt.

Low Airflow

For homes that don’t feel as cool as they should, there might be a problem with the airflow. When your AC turns on next time, place your hand next to the vent. If the air isn’t strong, then you have a problem.


When an area reaches the temperature it’s supposed to then the compressor turns itself off. If you notice that your air conditioner is switching on and off often then this might signal a problem. This can mean that your system is short-cycling.

This can cause a problem with the temperature of an area being maintained. A lack of a consistent temperature can lead to discomfort. The discomfort will be in the raised price of the utility bills, and the heat in the rooms.

Increased Costs

Increased energy costs can signal it’s time for an air conditioner repair service. When there’s a lack of efficiency, it causes your unit to work harder.

This leads to an increase in the price of your utility bill. It can mean that there are faulty parts, or that your unit is aging.

Excess Moisture

Excess moisture or humidity can mean that your AC is having problems. Look out for leaks or pooling water. This can cause mold growth as well. Give the best air conditioner company in your area a call to avoid further problems.

Signs You Need an Air Conditioner Repair

Now that you’ve explored signs that you need an air conditioner repair, you should be able to get your AC fixed before it’s too late. Would you like to read more lifestyle content? For all of your lifestyle content needs, check out our other articles today. 

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