How do Companies Benefit from Black Friday?

Black Friday

Black Friday is an important part of American tradition. Shoppers have greater opportunities to locate deals when retailers operate on Thanksgiving Day because they rely on these customers so much. Black Friday is still one of the busiest shopping days of the year, with shoppers braving the crowds and queues to score discounts that may generate substantial profits for retailers.

The best-performing retailers have developed Black Friday strategies for promoting significant discounts to customers. When these tactics are successful, retailers may stay at the top of customers’ buying lists throughout Black Friday.

Why You Should Offer Black Friday Deals

Local and small merchants could be hesitant to promote Black Friday sales. Business owners could wait until Small Business Saturday to offer discounts, leaving Thanksgiving weekend to big-box stores with enough room to lower prices. However, Black Friday presents opportunity for nearby shops to:

  • As Black Friday draws closer, small companies might relocate out-of-season or overstocked products to point-of-sale displays and lower their prices to guarantee they sell. This procedure aids shops in shifting out slow-moving merchandise to create place for popular goods that shoppers will buy on Black Friday.
  • Gain new clients: People who look for bargains could go out of their way to visit stores that they might otherwise ignore. Black Friday presents opportunities for retailers to draw these first-time customers and provide a shopping experience that encourages them to return.
  • Boost sales: Retailers shouldn’t believe that in order to draw customers, they must sell their product below cost. On Black Friday and the days that follow, most retailers, large and small, shift a sizable amount of items, opening a window for making sales.

Understanding How Black Friday Shoppers Think

There is something special about the shopping on Black Friday. Many shoppers research bargains, prepare for crowds, and relish the opportunity to score rare goods. Retailers may design distinctive shopping experiences that increase their chances of generating income by understanding how these consumers think. Here are some observations made by consumer experts on possible Black Friday mind processes.

  • Shopping experiences may be made more delightful by crowds, yet most people strive to avoid them. However, a research directed by Sang-Eun Byun from the University of South Carolina discovered that product rivalry might elicit enthusiasm and good emotions. This discovery might help to explain why so many people visit retailers on Black Friday.
  • Making arrangements in advance to maximize their time and money before visiting the stores adds to the thrill. Savvy shoppers. However, faulty designs might result in “customer misbehavior,” as defined by Sharron Lennon, a professor at Indiana University Bloomington. This happens when customers go naughty after passing up deals.
  • Shopping on Black Friday may become a habit for many Americans since it has become a tradition. According to professors Jane Boyd Thomas and Cara Peters of Winthrop University, devoted consumers prepare for their Black Friday outings just as meticulously as they do for Christmas feasts and other customs. However, the popularity of Cyber Monday may be altering these behaviors.

Black Friday Benefits

  • Increased Traffic and Sales

Black Friday and Cyber Monday attract a lot of traffic and sales in a short period since people are seeking for discounts and are also shopping for Christmas. It’s one of the greatest periods of the year for e-commerce sales. Retailers have a clear chance to take advantage of consumer demand and increase traffic to their websites.

  • An Opportunity to Clear Stock Before Christmas Season

In order to release newer goods in time for Christmas, many shops use Black Friday as a chance to get rid of their outdated inventory. Given that newer versions will soon be available, electronics stores may also give discounts on products like TVs and laptops. Of course, this also applies to dealers of clothing.

  • Customer Acquisition

Although acquiring new clients might be expensive, Black Friday gives merchants an opportunity to do so during a crucial period of the year. A solid post-purchase email plan may help you increase repeat business over the Christmas season and beyond if you can attract clients around Black Friday and keep them satisfied. Discounting around Black Friday is OK if clients can be kept over the long term and later purchase at full price.

  • Easier Fulfilment

Orders may be processed and dispatched far in advance of Christmas, which is one advantage of moving sales to earlier in the holiday shopping season. As a result, there is no risk of gifts not being delivered in time for Christmas, and capacity is also freed up for later in the holiday season.

  • Incremental Sales

Around the Black Friday weekend, as there is a genuine purpose to buy among consumers, which may result in more sales. This implies that buyers visit websites in search of deals but end up making full-price purchases since their pockets are empty of cash.

What to Expect?

This year’s Friday following Thanksgiving is on November 25, but last year’s event revealed a trend among online retailers, such Amazon and Walmart, to start their discounts earlier, which might indicate that sales would begin at the end of October this year as well.

The best-selling items on Black Friday, according to Adobe and Amazon, were in the Electronics category, while Amazon also stands out for its reductions in other categories like toys or fashion.

Another practice that has drawn criticism from several media sites but is still common among major businesses is raising prices a few days before Black Friday to entice shoppers with a lower new price. Companies get more money from this occurrence, but in the future, public opinion may put it in danger.

It’s crucial to understand how to choose the best pricing for your purchases on Black Friday 2022 after looking at these forecasts.


Retailers face many difficulties on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and they must weigh some drawbacks of taking part. This retail event does have a lot of benefits, though, and with careful management, retailers can maintain their profit margins while also increasing sales and attracting new clients.

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