Corporate Event Planning: 11 Tips To Ensure Success

Corporate Event Planning

At a corporate event, most of the people that will be invited are those that are there for the sake of PR. The attendees are going to expect to be impressed and the host company will want to show off their success as well as the theme of the corporate event.
When planning for corporate event catering, it’s important to take note of many things. Guaranteeing success for the event is the key to developing partnerships and affiliations that will grow stronger as time goes by. Below are some useful tips that you should remember when planning for a corporate event.

  1. Have a reason to host the event

Are you trying to raise awareness for a brand or a product? Do you want to recognize the achievements of teams or individuals working for the company?

  1. Identify what will be front and centre

At the event, there will always be a presentation for a flagship entity. Planning around this is vital to the success of the corporate event so make sure that you identify what it is.

  1. Find out how many guests are going to be invited

Knowing how many people are going to be attending at the most will give you an idea of how much food there needs to be served at the location.

  1. Ask about any dietary restrictions and ethics guides for meals

Whether it’s for ethics or there are actual dietary restrictions for the guests invited, the corporate event catering company should be the first to know.

  1. Plan the flow of the event

Find out if the speech is going to be done first or if it’s going to be a presentation. Halfway through, provide the guests with an opportunity to mingle around.

  1. Facilitate the opportunity to network

There should be a chance for the guests to talk with each other. To prevent it from being too awkward, always provide drinks at the bar as well as finger foods.

  1. Know how the guests will be greeted

Will the guests be greeted at a lobby before they enter the event hall? Will there be a need for valets at the front door?

  1. Ask what rental items are going to be needed

Some locations don’t provide equipment so you might have to rent sound systems, video setups, and other things. For corporate event catering, expect most dining needs to be provided.

  1. Make an appointment to view the venues

Before you book a venue, you should go there with the corporate event catering company to assess whether it’s possible and ideal to host there.

  1. Make sure all the staff are licensed

At a corporate event catering, it’s important that all of the staff will have a license and certification that proves they are able to provide exemplary service.

  1. Finalize your guest count 2 weeks before the event

Don’t rush the caterer when it comes to corporate events. If there are any changes with the guest count, you should inform them ASAP so they can make the necessary adjustments patterned table runner.

Whether you’re organizing a conference, a product launch or any business-related event, Saint Germain can provide corporate event catering to make it more memorable. Contact us today!

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