Medium Length Hairstyles to Try

Medium Length Hairstyles

The advantage of having medium length hairstyles is there are many styles to try. Although your hair might be limited to most up-do styles because they require length and volume, you can have some strands up and others down. Some women like their hair in curls because they add volume and texture, and they also add aesthetics to the style.

However, even with all these options available, choosing the best hairdo can be challenging. You must consider your face structure, hair texture, and what you want to achieve. Also, the hairstyle you choose will determine the time you spend getting ready, so research on that too. We compiled this hot list of medium length hairstyles to try before this year ends. Take a gander.

1. Low Pony Tail

If your hair is long enough for a ponytail, you can try the low ponytail. This style is easy to achieve and maintain. Start by parting the front of your hair down to the center and combing the rest towards the back. Next, use a hairband to hold the hair just above the neck. You can then apply gel to maintain the style all day.

Medium Length Hairstyles

2. Low Chignon

Your medium-length hair will limit you to do up-to medium length hairstyles, but this low chignon does not require long hair lengths. You can leave the shorter strands out and make them into light waves. Use a tail comb to part the middle of the hair up to the center and brush the rest back. Do not force the hard-to-tie strands at the back because leaving them out is also fashionable

3. S-Shaped Waves

If you fancy the look of waves on your hair, try the loose S-shaped waves. Use a flat iron to achieve them, but avoid the traditional curl. They make your hair lighter and easy to have during the long working day. You can add curling products like shear butter to maintain the curls.

4. Textured Top Knot

How messy do you like your bun? Messy buns don’t mean that you are unkempt, but they are stylish. If your medium-length hair has some strands that cannot make it to the top, try holding up those that can. Then, you can make them into a loose messy bun. You can use a flat iron to make loose curls for the hair down or leave it straight.

5. Blunt Bangs

Your medium-length hair will allow you to style it into the blunt bangs. These look good with some length and easy texture. You can create some waves using a waving iron and ensure they are not too curly. However, avoid using too much heat on your hair because it weakens the strands. Choose the waving iron size, which will be determined by your hair length and texture.

Medium Length Hairstyles

6. Half Up Half Down Bun

You can never go wrong with half-up, half-down medium length hairstyles. Besides, your hair size is a perfect one to do this style. Comb half of your middle hair upwards and hold it in a bun. You can then leave the rest of the hair down. Use a texturizing spray for softer strands to give them a beachy wave.

7. Messy Side Braid

Getting the side braid might be challenging if you don’t know how to do one or you haven’t tried medium length hairstyles before. However, you can get a stylist to help you achieve this hairstyle. They start by parting your hair on the side and then loosely plaiting it into the loose braid. The stylist will then secure it loosely with an elastic. Finally, you can apply some mousse to make the strands look more voluminous.

8. Curly Ponytail

Ponytails are beautiful, and they look better with curls. Although the ponytail won’t be long, it can hang towards your shoulders. To achieve this hairdo, start by gathering the hair up to create a ponytail. Next, apply gel to hold the strands as you hold their ends into the pony. This style will look good if you get it immediately after doing your curls. Alternatively, you can use a flat iron to get the curls on the ends after holding up the ponytail.