How To Apply Brown Hair Dye In The Best Way Possible

Brown Hair Dye
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The brown hair dye has gained a lot of appeal in recent times. Dyeing your hair in different shades is a fad that never goes out of style. It seems to affect both the young and old, and people seem to be willing to spend hundreds of dollars just to get their hair done right. One of the most desired colors in the world is blond. But here is the catch.

You cannot bleach your hair blond without some minor issues, like your scalp will sting a lot. A lot, and it is still an understatement. At the moment of bleaching it will feel like someone has set your head on fire and left you alone. The aftermath is expensive as hell. You will have to spend a few hundred bucks on shampoos and special treatments simply to keep your hair soft and avoid going brassy. 

The Quality

Many people I know who dyed their hair blond or platinum realized much later that it had burned a hole right through their pockets. Also, the process left their hair in total disarray. Roots constantly jumped out and simply would not be calmed. A lot of cooling toners and root melt treatments had to be used before they could go back to normal again. Even then, their hair remained dehydrated, limp and dry. It was time for a change. 

Enter the brown dye. It is always better to choose a color that is closer to your natural hair pigment, but brown is a soft color and you can always try it. Now you must keep in mind a few things when you go for the brown dye so that this time, your hair does not fracture into split ends. You also need to take care that your scalp does not hurt or even burn this time around. 

The Quality
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The Costs

First of all, when you have decided to dye your hair in a different shade, utmost care should be taken that your hair is properly moisturized first. We recommend selecting a protein-rich hydrating conditioner that will prepare it for receiving color molecules during the dyeing process. The brown color will bond to the protein in your hair.

Make sure you have something to amend the minimal damage dyeing will do to your hair in the long run. It will definitely lead to much healthier hair. Bleaching puts your hair at risk of going brittle, but brown will take away most of that risk. However, the light brown hair dye is very attractive.

The Costs
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Landing on the correct brown shade is much more than simply going from one color to another. It involves plenty of maintenance in the aftermath and plenty more in follow-up appointments. This usually happens when you go for a much darker shade than your natural hair color. This involves plenty of treatments and conditioning to make sure the dye sets in your hair eventually. However, you won’t have to do much hard work if you stay close to your roots. Your hair texture also plays a major role in deciding how the color will sit in your hair. See dark brown hair dye. 

You will also have to calculate the total costs involved in keeping your hair a soft brown. If you also opt for a day of hair care treatment, you can guess that the price tag will be somewhere close to $200. Turning brunette can be pretty exorbitant if you want that smooth shade of brown that will frame your face in an attractive manner. See chocolate brown hair dye. 


1. Is it safe to dye your hair brown?

Dyeing your hair brown won’t put it at any risk. 

2. Dies dyeing your hair brown make it healthier?

Yes dyeing your hair brown definitely makes it look a lot healthier. 

3. Is brown hair more attractive?

Yes most people think brown hair is more attractive. 

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