Employment Agency Scarborough and Other Locations

Employment Agency Scarborough

Do not give up yet if your goal is to work in Canada and have not found a job yet. There are recruitment agencies that can connect you with Canadian employers in various sectors, i.e. an employment agency Scarborough.  Also, most of these agencies are not selective with the level of employment you are at. Beginners, intermediate, and experts in the employment sector can get jobs with recruitment agencies.

Employment Agency Scarborough

Job seekers consult recruitment agencies for work because most companies seek employees through them. This way, the agency has many vacancies, i.e. jobs in Scarborough that are not advertised in the magazines and newspapers, making it easy for job seekers to apply. The agencies also help companies with the recruitment process, which can be tedious. 

There is a process for foreign employees to get employed in Canada. An employment opportunity needs to go through an Employment and Labor Market Impact Assessment (EMIA) to be considered legit. 

The employer business must also get a permit from Employment and Social Development Canada. If the LMIA is positive, the employer will present the job seeker with a copy of the report and the employment offer. 

  • Do Canadian Recruiting Agencies Charge?

The recruiters charge a service fee ranging between 15 and 25 percent of the employee’s salary. The rates can change depending on how complicated the recruitment process was. As the hiring manager, you can agree with the recruitment agency before they start the recruiting process. Paying after completion of the recruitment will cost you more because other agencies tend to add unnecessary costs that were not spent. 

  • Top Foreign Workers Recruiting Agencies In Canada

If you are interested in working in Canada and especially in Scarborough, approach these foreign recruiting agencies to help you with the recruitment process. They have offices in various cities, and most of them recruit employees from the lowest to the highest rank.

We recommend that you use an employment agency Scarborough to increase your chances of getting a job in companies located in that area.

  • Calgary-Based Staffing Companies

This staffing agency recruits employees from all parts of the world. They are located in Edmonton and Calgary, and they offer recruitment services in various areas like Canadian health care, trucking, and welding. You can also get jobs in other specialized areas. 

  • The Canadian Branch Of Hays Recruitment 

This is another reputable recruitment agency in Canada. The Hays operates in over 33 countries, and they are located in Vancouver, Edmonton, and Toronto. They majorly deal with employees seeking jobs in accounting and finance and the Banking industry. 

Hays recruitment also seeks employees in engineering, human resource development, and ICT sectors. This company has recruited over 5200 employees who joined different companies in different sectors in the past year. 

  • Montreal-Based Staffing Companies

Cowan international has been the go-to recruitment agency for most businesses seeking employees around the globe. The agency recruits employees in the engineering and construction sectors from parts of the world. 

  • Agency For Human Resources In Toronto

  • Draco International

Draco international is an old, well-established company in Toronto that searches for outstanding talent in the country and worldwide. Petro staff international is another reputable recruitment company dealing with oil and gas experts in Canada and worldwide. 

  • R.I Renard And Sons, Ltd

Renard and sons recruiters have over 30000 job seekers in their database. These recruiters mainly offer services in the hotel sector, food, and beverages departments. You can also use them to get jobs if you are experienced in the sales, marketing, and engineering departments. 

  • Michael Page

Michael Page has offices in over six continents, and it recruits employees for companies globally. The employers in this agency are qualified and experienced, and they employ all the consultative strategies when recruiting employees for companies. 

  • Personnel Recruiting Firms in Vancouver

  • Diamond Group of Companies

This Canadian agency connects mothers with childcare nannies. They also provide caretakers for the aged and also home staffing assistance. The company connects job seekers and employers all over the world. 

Regardless of the type of a job agency Scarborough that you choose, make sure you check all the details about the agency know that you are dealing with a genuine agency.