How to Style Your Colorful Nails? Let’s Check Out

Colorful Nails
Credit: pinkvilla

Colorful nails have been all over the place recently. Moreover, one of the most innovative things people have been up to during the lockdown is artfully redesigning their nails. Furthermore, many users on Instagram and Facebook displayed their colorful creations, and we must confess they managed to blow our collective minds successfully. 

Some of them are uniform, and some of them manage to turn mismatched nails into something really weird and wacky. Furthermore, others have also discovered a way to paint their nails in such a manner that provides the illusion of a tapestry. The trending designs for the year seem to be ombre manis and Skittles. However, we bring some more quirky ways to turn your nail game up. 

Pastels and Doodles

Pastels happen to be everyone’s favorite color medium. They are easy on the eye and blend smoothly with each other when you have to create something unique. Moreover, if you love pastels, we recommend trying a French mani style and reaching into that bag of pastel tips. You can add swooping, imperfect edges for that quirky design. Pale pink is a cult classic, mind. But you can also try switching to a more varied palette for the sake of variety. See marble colorful nails. 

If I am not wrong, many people who are into coloring nails often like to treat their nails like a canvas. Furthermore, the whole body is a canvas, as one might argue. So what is stopping you from whipping out the bottles of paint and displaying your artistic acumen? Moreover, doodles are in great demand this season. Now as to the content of those doodles, we leave them entirely in your hands. Perhaps you like a bit of Chinese mythological imagery and want to cover your nails with Ying-Yangs. Swirls and checkerboards are also attractive but require a bit of patience and skill to execute. See colorful nails designs. 

Pastels and Doodles
Credit: allure

Bring it on Barbie

If you think hot pink is not to your taste, tone it down from ombre to nude. Furthermore, this style is extremely eye-catching, and if you do it right, you can get some attractive shades. I recently saw one where the poster had painted the edges of her fingernails to resemble the backs of ladybugs peeking from behind bushes. Moreover, if you are stuck in the palette of colors, we recommend switching to a splash of strawberry pink and mixing it with increasing amounts of white for the rest of your manicure. See colorful nails ideas. 

Abstract Art 

Abstract is everywhere these days. You only need to visit the nearest art gallery to find a few random squiggles on a stretch of canvas. Moreover, we don’t know what the big names in the art industry wish for, but fingernails are a different ball game. Here is the thing, you can subject your nails to a smattering of shapes, sizes and figures with no design in mind. Leave a bit of negative space in between, though. If you keep up the messy decor, it may look like absolute chaos. So be a darling and keep a bit of space to amp up the style quotient. 

Bring it on Barbie

Velvet and Mixed Stickers

You can also pair your velvet nails with some French tips. They always look gorgeous and will even fire up the general look of the fingernails. As for mixed stickers, they always look impressive with their general stylish, kitschy outlook and glossy exterior. Moreover, they are super easy to create. All you need is a packet of stickers from Manime, and you’re all set. 


1. What are the best colors for nails this year?

Warm bright shades like yellow, green and orange. 

2. What are the best colored nails?

You may choose white tips, beige, blush, lilac.

3. Are colored nails unprofessional?

There is no such thing called unprofessional when it comes to nails. 

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