When is the Right Time to Get Your Kids Braces?

dental braces

The braces system is a modern and widely used orthodontic appliance, with which it is possible to align the teeth and correct the bite.

Abnormal bite and historically grown teeth are noticed in 80% of children. Some parents think that problems with biting and alignment of teeth can only be in children whose parents have had similar defects. And if the parents have a “beautiful smile”, then the children will even have their teeth. This is a completely wrong opinion. 

Let us learn more about the kid’s braces and will also learn when the right time to get your kids braces is?

The following types of braces are available:

  1. Metal braces: the most common and mandatory design for adolescent treatment.
  •   Practically does not hurt the lips and cheeks of the child, they are reasonable to use.
  •   Hygiene: they are easy to clean.
  •   Held firmly on the teeth.
  1. Transparent braces: various materials are used for their manufacture: fiberglass, plastic, etc.
  •   The dignity of the system: they are almost invisible. 
  1. Ceramic or sapphire braces (artificially created) on the teeth are invisible.
  •   Strength, reliability.
  •   Adhere well to the teeth.
  •   High aesthetics during use.

At what age is it better to put the braces?

If necessary, dental braces are installed for children aged 7 to 9 years. 

If a child has one or more historically grown milk teeth, you should contact an orthodontist for 4-5 years. Up to 10 years of age can be prescribed for the treatment of dishes and caps. They can only affect minor defects.  If you’re thinking of getting them for your child, don’t hesitate to check out the professional dental clinic in Newmarket on.

However, they should not be neglected, as they simplify further treatments and can do without removing healthy teeth, which sometimes need to be admitted by a doctor during treatment.

According to experts, brackets can be set at any age, even as an adult. The difference is how much you have to move your teeth. In an organism for children, such displacements are easier to produce and are less pronounced. There are different types of braces to choose from.

There are 2 periods for the treatment of children: 

The first phase of treatment begins at 7-9 years – some professionals recommend treating them from the age of 5 using braces. The signal to start treatment is the eruption of 4 permanent upper incisors and their length is sufficient to connect a removable shoulder strap system. These include hoods and records.

The early treatment creates conditions for bite formation, has a beneficial effect on jaw development. Partial systems do not eliminate treatment in the future, but reduce time and facilitate the healing process itself. 

However, the early use of braces can have unintended consequences – damage to tooth enamel, etc. so it is only allowed in the case of serious medical indications.

The second phase of treatment is performed at 11-13 years of the child. This is the most favorable age for the installation of braces. In this period of active jaw growth, problems with an improper bite can be resolved quickly and successfully. Fixed equipment systems are used for all purposes.

During this time, thorough oral care is needed, strengthening tooth enamel and caries prevention. To correct the treatment it is necessary to visit the orthodontic clinic regularly.

The right timing to start the treatment is very important to get the desired results.

This time is determined by the doctor according to the following criteria: 

  •   Bite type and its severity.
  •   Tooth enamel condition.
  •   General physical development of the child.
  •   The child’s desire to wear suspenders.

The parents’ responsibility is to control the quality of the child’s oral care. It is necessary to clean not only the teeth but also the lingual braces, using brushes and special-shaped brushes for this. If you have removable braces, also it needs to be careful in a proper way.  

Failure to comply with these rules will easily lead to tooth decay, which would entail the need to start re-aligning the teeth. And this, among other things, is also an additional teeth braces cost. 

Some dietary restrictions are also necessary – eliminating the consumption of coloring drinks, fast foods, and solid foods. If these recommendations are not followed, the construction can easily break. 

If you want to know what is the braces cost in India? Do not hesitate to contact the best dentist near your location.