Kala Brown – How Did She Survive In A Container For Two Months?

Kala Brown

Kala Brown and Charles David Carver are in a relationship for a few months. Finally, they decided to live together to start a new life. The couple was happy but how did Todd enter their lives and ended the life of Charles? 

Let us discuss Kala Brown and she came out of the container after surviving for two months. Read through the article to know more about Kala Brown and Todd Kohlhepp.

How Kala And Charles Met Todd?

Kala decided to earn additional money and thus joined as a housekeeper in Todd’s property. She knew Todd through her ex-boyfriend almost five years ago. In August 2016, Todd appointed both Charles and Kala to work on his property in rural South Carolina.

But at that time, both of them were not aware that Todd was a monster. Also, they didn’t know that Todd was going to play a big game in their life.

todd kohlhepp kala brown

Todd Kohlhepp Nasty Plan:

On August 31, 2016, Charles and Kala came to Todd’s property to start their work. Todd told them to wait outside, as he was inside his home. When he came out, he was having a gun in his hand. Using that gun, he shot dead Charles with three bullets straight onto his chest.

After shooting Charles, Kala was speechless and didn’t what to do in that situation. This traumatic condition of Kala helped Todd to force her into a metal shipping container. Almost, her neck, hands, and feet and everywhere he chained Kala. She was looking completely wrapped.

Every day, Todd would remove Kala’s neck and feet chains but not hands. He forced Kala to please him sexually every day. While pointing a gun at her, he would get whatever he wants from Kala. After that, he would feed Kala and put her back in the container. Todd allowed Kala to use the bathroom once a day and just gave her a pot of water for bathing.

How Did The Police Rescue Kala Brown?

Charles’ mother was worried about not hearing from her son. She waited for some time and finally reported to the police about her son missing. Meanwhile, Kala’s friend Leah Miller was searching on the other way. Kala’s mother, Bobbie Newsome informed authorities that Charles and Kala’s pet dog was found without any food in their house.

Thus, Kala was reported missing on 5th September 2016. After seeing strange messages on Charles’ Facebook account, the authorities started their investigation. When they track the Facebook messages, they got to know it is on Todd’s property.

Additionally, the couple last seen phone signals were in the same Todd’s property. Thus, investigators reached Todd’s property and they heard a strange noise coming out of a container. 

Thus, after two months, the police rescued Kala but it was not good news. The authorities even find Charles killed and buried under the soil.


How much money did Kala Brown get?

Kala Brown was awarded $6.3 million in a civil lawsuit against Todd Kohlhepp, her captor. This settlement was intended to compensate for the abuse and trauma she suffered during her captivity.

What did Todd Kohlhepp do to Kala Brown?

Todd Kohlhepp kidnapped Kala Brown and held her captive in a metal shipping container on his property in South Carolina. During her captivity, she was chained and subjected to abuse. Kohlhepp also confessed to killing her boyfriend, Charlie Carver, as well as several other individuals.

What happened to Kala Brown and Charlie Carver?

Kala Brown and her boyfriend, Charlie Carver, went missing in August 2016. Kala was later found alive, chained inside a shipping container on Todd Kohlhepp’s property in November 2016. Sadly, Charlie Carver was found deceased; he had been shot by Kohlhepp.

How long was Kala Brown in the shipping container?

Kala Brown was held captive in the shipping container for about two months before she was rescued by law enforcement authorities.


The shocking fact is that Todd is a serial killer, who already killed 6 persons. Thus, he is serving seven life sentences for killing 6 people and for sexually assaulting Kala. Kala got a $6.3M settlement from Todd’s property. She is now trying to forget all such nightmares in her life.

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