Guide to Earwax Removal & Ear Cleaning

Guide to Earwax Removal & Ear Cleaning

Earwax helps to protect the ear canal and ears. So you must clean this natural substance as it accumulated else this may result in hearing difficulties. But when you clean the ear, you have to consider its safety to prevent any form of damage. 

Tips to Consider Earwax Removal & Ear Cleaning

  • Use Warm Cloth – The traditional method of using a warm cloth can clean the ear and remove earwax. It will heat the blockage that will soften the wax and naturally remove it. For this, you need to iron a folded cloth. After it is warm enough, place your ear on this. After this, rinse the ear with warm water with the showerhead. Besides, you can do the same with the help of a damp cloth. It will be more effective. 
  • Use Oils – If you wish to remove earwax blockage, naturally used olive oil. You can also use mineral or almond oil. Just warm the oil at the correct temperature and pour a few drops into your ear canal twice a day. Keep the head tilted towards the side till the earwax removes naturally. The oil will help to soften the wax and allow the same to drain painlessly and naturally. You can use this as a preventive once a week. Also, you can use a shower head to rinse the ear. 
  • Consult a Specialist – A safe means to clean the ear and remove earwax will be to consult an ear specialist. They know the best and safest methods to remove blockages if any. The specialists also have the correct tools that help them perform their job. They will also answer all your queries related to health concerns regarding the ears and future build-ups. To know more about the best ear specialist, visit
  • Ear Drops – You can also buy ear drops to treat your earwax blockage. They are oil or water-based solutions which will help to soften the earwax and clean your ears. They are made of carbamide peroxide that is akin to hydrogen peroxide. To use the OTC solution, you must follow the instructions on the packaging. Also consult your doctor before using one. 
  • Saline Solution – Saline water can work wonders to remove earwax. Instead of bottled saline, try to make your solution at home. Take half a cup of lukewarm water and add a teaspoon of salt, and mix. Once the salt dissolves, soak some cotton in it, tilt the head and use the damp cotton to clean the ear. Let the water remain in the ear for some time, then tilt the head towards the opposite direction to drain the saline. Repeat the process for both ears. 

These are some of the safe methods that you can use to remove earwax and clean the ears. In case of pain, constant itching, or odor, do not try any home remedies but consult an ear specialist at the earliest as that can be an infection or an earwax impaction.

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