Prints, Patterns And Colors: Choosing The Right Coord Set For Your Personality

Coord Set

Coord sets are an essential addition to any wardrobe as they are simple to throw on for an effortlessly stylish look and require little styling. There are two components in the traditional co-ord set: a top and a bottom. Additionally, there are three- or four-piece coord sets available that could include a belt or jacket or other accessories like scarves. You can choose from a range of styles and varieties of these adaptable sets for various events. The selections are unlimited, ranging from skirts, joggers, and palazzo pants to bustiers, crop tops, shirts, and sweatshirts. 

The wide variety means you can buy coord sets that match your body type, style preferences, and overall personality. Keep reading as we list the many prints, patterns, and colours you can choose from for stylish looks that help you show off your uniqueness and individuality. 

Colourful Prints & Patterns To Try: 

  1.     Floral: In 2024, floral patterns are all over runways and have been spotted on top actors and models. Try pastel printed coord sets for a soft look, sets with metallic embroidered flowers for a fun feel, dark motifs for a grunge-inspired outfit, or beaded floral patterns for a touch of whimsy.
  2.     Tie & Dye: Vibrant tie & dye coord sets will provide a joyful pop of colour to your summertime outdoor events and everyday wear ensembles. They will be very useful to style fits for when you want to embrace a happy vibe.
  3.     Sequins: A party must-have for 2024, sequins are best for cocktail parties and celebrations where you want to turn heads. The glittering ensemble is always appropriate – whether it’s a sequin blazer set or sheer pants and blouses. For a playful touch with the all-out bling, you may also choose sets with sequin embellishments on the hem or neckline.
  4.     Ombre: The ombre style is the ideal choice if you love monochrome looks and playing with shades. With their variety of hues, ombre coord sets have a sleek, minimalist appearance.
  5.     Ruffles: Choose coord sets with ruffled accents at the sleeves, waist, or hem for a playful touch. Additionally, ruffles contribute toward balancing the silhouette by adding volume in specific sections.
  6.     Colour-Blocking: The abstract colour-blocking technique creates depth and a captivating visual impact. Coord sets with colour blocking might help you draw attention to sections of the body you want to highlight.
  7.     Embroidered: Co-ord ensembles, featuring floral-patterned threadwork and beaded and rhinestone accents should be high on your wedding season wish list. You can wear them at the main event as well as mehendi and haldi rituals.
  8.     Geometric Patterns: Patterns like chevrons, polka dots, and stripes are popular trendy choices that give co-ord clothes a whimsical twist. They’re perfect for laid-back breakfasts and casual outings.
  9.     Metallic Finish: Metal-toned textiles will help you make a statement and look amazing. You can choose to shimmer in silver or seem like a goddess encrusted in gold. There are options such as matte finishes and colour gradients that resemble oil slicks available as per your preferences.
  10.   Mirror Work: Mirror work designs on coord sets are a popular ethnic wear style that’s perfect for festivals and on days you wish to shine. You will glow both at night and under the natural light of the sun thanks to the small mirrors. 

Body Type And Fits: 

One of the most important things to take into account when purchasing clothing for any occasion is how well an item fits. While there are many options available, first consider your comfort levels and what you love wearing the most. Whether you prefer skirts and blouses, pants and tops, or need a jacket for cover, wearing comfortable clothing will help you show off your true style and personality.

While you can obviously wear what you want, here are some styles that are best suited to the broad categories of different body types: 

  1. Hourglass: While most coord sets will suit this body type, opt for tailored two-piece outfits that accentuate your curves. Coord sets with tops that end at the waist will also help enhance your appearance.
  2. Pear or Triangle: To balance your proportions if you have a pear-shaped figure, wear an A-line kurta with wide-leg pants or a short flared dress.
  3.     Apple: Create balance by opting for a full-length top with 3/4 sleeves and fitted trousers. You can also opt for an Anarkali dress or gown with slits.
  4.     Inverted Triangle: Add volume at the waist with peplum tops or mermaid-style skirts. Coord sets with flared pants and tube tops will also help balance proportions.

 Things To Note: 

  1.     Fit & Silhouette: Make sure that every item of your co-ord set fits you properly, especially if you are heavier on either the top or bottom. To ensure a comfortable fit, consider sizing up or opting for coord sets with voluminous sleeves or flared bottoms to create an aesthetic silhouette.
  2.     Jewellery & Accessories: Match your jewellery to the prominent colours in your outfits or to the metallic tone of embellishments for a cohesive look. Depending on the occasion, you can dress up or down with accessories like toe rings, anklets, statement earrings, and layered necklaces. Consider wearing delicate jewellery for formal ensembles.
  3.     Comfort: Choose coord sets made of plush materials like silk, velvet, and satin for an opulent and chic look. Cotton and linen are the best choice for the summer as they are breathable and durable. Being comfortable in what you’re wearing is the easiest way to let your personality shine. Knowing that you look the best while feeling confident will help you grab the attention at any party or event. 


Women’s coord sets are an effortless way to combine comfort and elegance, making you look sophisticated with less work as compared to putting together an entire outfit. Co-ords can quickly become your go-to outfit for any occasion, including weddings, because they come in an extensive selection of top and bottom options, colours, designs, and embellishments. Additionally, co-ord ensembles can be accessorised with different types of jewellery to suit any event. Before you consider styling a co-ord set, it’s crucial to choose which one will fit you the best for an aesthetic and fashionable outfit that will help you feel confident.

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