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A USB Hub, also known as a “USB to HDMI hub”, is basically an adapter with which to extend the number of USB ports available on our computer, something essential these days where all the devices we buy have a connection through this method.

The main purpose of the USB Hub is to increase the number of ports available on our PC, which can be extremely useful on laptops, where we usually only have two or three of these USB ports. In this article, we will learn a little more in-depth about the USB Hub, its usefulness, and the types that we can find in the market.

What is a Lention USB HUB?

A HUB also called a concentrator, is a device that acts as a bridge to which we can connect several devices, generally electronic, using only one connection of the device to which we want to connect these devices. The HUB has several inputs and one output or in some cases several exits and an entrance.

In this way, we can connect several devices to their inputs and use them one by one or all at the same time. If it is the opposite, we can connect several output devices and use the input in all the output sources or only in one of them.

The HUB can be of various types, the most common are for computer networks, with HDMI to connect several devices to a single television, for computers and laptops and thus double the available USB connections, etc.

When the need arises to connect several devices and you only have one input, you can use a HUB to connect all the devices and use them at the same time or one by one. For example, the HUB with several USBs you can use all the devices connected to at the same time, but as a general rule when we connect devices via HDMI to a HUB and this to television, we can only use them one by one.

In networks, a HUB is a device capable of distributing the network signal to several devices, using a network cable we can connect an input to the HUB and get as many outputs as this network hub or HUB allows us. Although currently, the so-called Switch these are capable of controlling each network outlet independently.

At some point, as computer users, we have surely had to resort to disconnecting one of our peripherals connected to USB to be able to connect and use another, something tiring and quite problematic, even more so if our PC is of the desktop type and is located against a wall.

In this sense, a USB adapter or USB to HDMI hub is the answer to all our problems, since all we have to do is connect the cable included with the adapter to an available USB port on the front or back of the computer case. PC and leave the rest of the device on the desk or in the place that best suits our needs, and then plug what we want to connect to the computer comfortably and without problems, forgetting the problem of seeing that we disconnect and leave it without working for be able to use another device.

There are several hub brands available today in the market but we recommend Lention. This brand is one of the reliable brands which you can buy at an affordable price. Also, it works with Mac.

Using a Lention USB Hub:

Using a Lention USB Hub is extremely easy since all we have to do is find a free port on the computer and connect the hub there. After that, we will be able to connect all kinds of devices to it. And the best of Everything is that we don’t have to worry about drivers, since the operating system that we use, be it Windows, Linux, or macOS. It will automatically install and configure the software that is needed without any kind of intervention from us.

How to choose a USB Hub?

If we are one of the users who will only use a USB Hub to connect only a couple of devices at a time, we can use a basic hub that has at least four ports, enough for most applications, and with which we can connect cameras, flash drives and other peripherals without problems.

Now, if our requirements include the possibility of connecting, for example, cameras, external storage drives, and CD/DVD drives simultaneously. For all of the devices with high energy consumption, then the best thing would be to acquire a USB Hub with external power through a transformer.

In this way, the USB to HDMI hub will have enough power to power everything that we connect to it without risking that any of them will not work because it does not have enough current to fulfill its mission.

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