Who is Jessy Hodges, Beck Bennett’s wife?

Jessy Hodges
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For 8 years, Beck Bennett in the Saturday Night Live show has become one of the people’s favourites due to his hilarious parodies. In fact, you will remember him playing the shirtless Vladimir Putin and buttoned up Mike Pence on that show. Of course, he is not the only person to be in the show industry. Yes, his wife, Jessy Hodges, is a popular producer and actress. Of course, there is more to her than you think. So, keep reading to get to know her better.

Who is Jessy Hodges?

Jessy Hodges came into this world on 8th August 1986. Well, she is currently 35 years of age. Certainly, her roles in Indebted and Barry gave a special place to Jessy Hodges in the show biz. And, that’s how her name got famous. Yes, she is a popular producer and actress whose mother is Ellen Sandweiss. The truth is, Jessy’s mom Ellen is also an actress. Ellen did a phenomenal job in the cult classic – The evil dead. However, not much is available about her childhood or early years.

Jessy Hodges

Of course, everyone knows about her open support to President Joe Biden in the recent presidential election. In fact, she uses social media accounts to publicly express political views.

Who is Beck Bennett?

Obviously, his face is something hard to miss because of his performance in the SNL show. Yes, Beck Bennett has written and acted on that show for 8 seasons. Here, you can see him playing parody roles of Mike Pence and Vladimir Putin. Furthermore, he went to the USC school of dramatic arts along with other members of his show. And, after graduation, all of them made the popular show Good Neighbour which got a good response from the public.

Beck Bennett

Jessy Hodges and Beck Bennett

Well, Jessy and Beck started dating in early 2011. But, their relationship came into the public eyes only in the year 2016. In one of her posts, Jessy told what happened on their first date. At that time, he forgot his wallet which she wrote that she will not stop celebrating. And, after 7 years of being together, they finally tied the knot. That’s right, in an outdoor ceremony, the couple got married in August 2018.

The net worth of Jessy Hodges

The estimated net worth of Jessy from various sources and assets is nearly 1.5 million dollars. On the other hand, her husband has around 4 million dollars as his net worth.

Fast facts about Jessy Hodges that you should know

  • Got famous due to a web series role

Of course, you would have seen her in many movies and TV series. But, her fame went to new heights due to her role in a web series. Yes, in Anyone But Me, she played Sophie Parker.

  • Graduated from acting school

That’s right, she got her degree n drama from New York’s University Tisch School of the Arts.

  • Started with small roles

Of course, she is a famous star now. But, that wasn’t always the case. At first, all the roles she got were very small ones. But, this lead to bigger ones that were on her way.

Well, that’s all there is about Jessy Hodges. There is no doubt that her hard work and dedication is paying off today. Stay tuned for more future updates!

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