How Do I Fax From My Computer Online


Computers have eased out professional and personal lives in a big way. We are so refined in our processes through the computer, we can’t function without it. The world is made simpler through the computer, the processes easier and convenient.

Out of all the things that you can do with the help of your computer, you can also fax from it. In just a few clicks here and a click there, you will be able to fax seamlessly through your computer.  

CocoFax: The best online fax

Why do we prefer computers? They are quick, prompt, and easy to operate. They allow us o work at faster ease, have lesser paraphernalia involved, and ensure great output. While working on the computers, you can do many things at once.

Why do we prefer faxes? We prefer fax documents because they are the most secure way to communicate. By a fax document, you can attain a lot of secrecy in your documentation. Also, the admissibility of fax documents is higher than any other communication mode.

So, taking the benefits out of a fax and a computer, what if the two were to combine? Yes, your computer can become a fax machine. All you need to have is a CocoFax subscription. 


If you are thinking that this is just another faxing service, you are mistaken. CocoFax is nothing like other fax services. CocoFax has set benchmarks and industry standards that other faxing services follow. 

30 Day Free trial

When you type, ‘online fax service’ or ‘fax through computer’ online, you will get a lot of options. The options will be full of apps that will promise this and that. All the promises and false claims disappear in thin air once you take the subscription. 

So, the apprehensiveness of new users concerning the commitment of subscription is understandable. This is why CocoFax offers a 30-day free trial to offer functional leverage to the users. As a user in the trial period, you can assess the mettle of the service.

After your assessment, you can figure out whether you want the app or not. If you like it, you can continue with the subscription. If you do not like it, you can cancel the subscription within the trial period. 

30 Day Free trial

Free Fax number

Once you take a CocoFax subscription, you attain a free fax number. This number becomes your fax identity. The free fax number is a major advantage as applying for one and getting one takes eons in traditional ways. 

Hence, it is a piece of extremely good news that you get a fax number for free when you use CocoFax. It lessens the additional efforts to the minimum. You can also share your designated number. Any fax that you attain on this number will appear on your CocoFax account. 

Best Dashboard

The dashboard of CocoFax oozes superiority concerning services. Other online faxing apps take the technological prowess of their users for granted. CocoFax is different because it simplifies things. 

The entire dashboard of CocoFax feels like a very familiar and simple place. You would just know what to do, where to click and how to fax. You would not need to undergo a demo or a trial run to ensure that you know it functions.

Best Dashboard

Hence, CocoFax is a very self-sufficient platform to ensure that the faxes are sent and received through the computer. 


There is no one perfect way of using CocoFax and its services. There are many perfect ways to do so. As a user, you can use any of the platforms that have internet connectivity for CocoFax. 

For instance, you can send and receive fax by using a laptop, desktop, PC, smartphone, or any other internet-compatible device. You can also send the faxes through the CocoFax dashboard, send a fax through Google drive, emails, etc. 

You can also use the CocoFax dashboard, the web app, or fax remotely from your location. CocoFax is widely used because of its dynamism. It understands how multi-faceted people and functions are. It adheres to the norms of modernization and keeps the options of its users open.   


As mentioned before, many online faxing apps are floating around on the internet. But, can you trust all of them? No. You cannot just hit and try on random apps as they can seriously infringe your privacy. 

These apps can also jeopardize the security of your system. Even the trial period of other applications is not very genuine. So, instead of finding yourself in a fix about what to do and which app to choose, select the simplicity of CocoFax.

Delivery Notification

You always get a delivery notification with CocoFax. It doesn’t leave you hanging in suspense about whether or not the intended fax got transmitted. You do not have to check up on the receiver of the fax too.

All you need to do is to see whether you attained the delivery notification or not. While delivery is reported by CocoFax, nondelivery is reported too. 

Cost Efficiency

Other so-called ‘leading’ online faxing apps rip you off your finances through surcharges on faxes. The escalating rates of these charges can impair your budget. CocoFax has proven to be the most economical of all these platforms. 

While other fax services offer online faxing services, they exclude international faxes in the process. CocoFax offers free faxes without making international fax as an exception to the purpose.

CocoFax also offers immensely subsidized rates. The users also end up saving money on account of stationery, investments, electricity, and regular fax machine maintenance. The fax machine itself is a very heavy investment and the constant repair it requires can become very cost extensive.


With a CocoFax subscription, you can attain the kind of cost and fax parity that you had been looking for. The platform is known for offering the best possible plans, services, and customer support.

All you need to do is visit the page, see the subscription tab, click there and enjoy the trial period. Once you get a hang of this platform, no other service will ever be good enough.