Baggy Cargo Pants For Women: Top Picks For You

Baggy Cargo Pants For Women

Baggy cargo pants have been in the fashion scene for a long time. These pants have been trendy in the late 90s mostly among old-aged men. Moreover, at that time, these pants were not considered a buyable choice for any fashionable lady. Of course, it has some legit reasons. Firstly, they are baggy. Secondly, these plants are crumpled intentionally. Finally, the divisive low-rise of these pants made them an unpopular option among women. 

However, since the pandemic years, fashion items have revised their trends. In fact, these once-neglected baggy cargo pants for men, have become one of the forerunners in the WFH Fashion. If you have kept a watch on the trends among celebrities, then might have noticed many celebs like Bella Hadid, Camila Coelho Jennifer Aniston and many others have gone for these pants. In fact, it has become a trend among celebs. 

Therefore, if you wish to know about some of the best options for women’s baggy cargo pants, then this article is the perfect stop for you. 

Let’s Check Out The List

Here goes a list of the best baggy cargo pants for women, which you can easily try out. However, no definite pattern of arrangement has been followed in making this list.

Let's Check Out The List

Frame Service Cotton-Canvas Straight-Leg Pants

Well, we all know that when it comes to comfort, nothing can beat cotton. Therefore, this baggy pant by Frame is bound to keep your comfort as its main priority. Moreover, Frame is a brand which has earned a great reputation for making some of the best denim outfits in the market. Therefore, you can go for these slim-fit cargo pants, as they have already taken over the fashion market. 

Citizens of Humanity Gaia Tapered Cargo Pants

Whenever a new dressing fashion becomes trendy, some of us find it difficult to get into the trend. In such cases, we generally prefer trying out low-key ways to ease into the trend. These baggy pants are the best options in this case. They look almost identical to the chinos. That adds to the appeal of these baggy outfits while maintaining a great level of comfort. 

FP Movement Mellow Out Pants

Sweatpants are intensely popular choices among both men and women. After all, who can overlook comfortable options in the market? Therefore, if you wish to stick to your sweatpants, then these wide-legged sweats featuring cargo pockets will be the perfect alternative for you. Therefore, do try them out fast.

Frame Service Cotton-Canvas Straight-Leg Pants

Drawstring-Waist Jogger Workout Cargo Pants With Pockets

Looking for a baggy yet stylish option for your workout sessions? Well, the wait seems to have ended for you. These are super comfortable and trendy in the fashion market. What makes these pants even more attractive is the wide range of colours in which they come. Let me inform you that there are 16 different colours in which these pants are available on the market. Therefore, choose your favourite colour and don comfort with style.

3.1 Phillip Lim Cargo Pants

The combat-style pants by Phillip Lim are already hot things on the market. The relaxed fit of these pants is really something to go for. In fact, the snap closure of these pants will take you back to your childhood days. 

H&M Key-Chain Cargo Pants

In the fashion world, key chains are always style statements. Therefore, if you wish to keep yourself perfectly in fashion, then this is a great choice for you. Thus, visit your nearest retailer, or head to any online store, to get hold of one of these pants. 


1. Are baggy cargo pants trendy?

Yes, they are. In recent times, these pants are highly in style. 

2. Who can wear baggy pants?

Anyone can wear these trendy pants. 

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