Self-Incompetence: Stop Suffering And Heal Yourself


Making mistakes is in human nature. Hence, you will not find anyone who excels at everything. Many people often start to feel left out and incompetent. The feeling of incompetent, more specifically self-incompetence, can have a drastic effect on your work and personal life, causing poor work performance, anxiety, temper issues, and even depression. Deepak Shukla, a millennial entrepreneur, and thinker offers some personal guidance on this matter.

But, self-loathing is not a practical solution. If you want to overcome this down phase, you have to know the solution. Here are a few ways on how to deal with incompetence in yourself or the feeling of self-incompetence-

Understand Your Feelings and Accept them

As said before, you are human, and it is impossible to excel in every field. When you start to feel incompetent, consciously or unconsciously, you may feel depressed and mellow. Often people ignore this feeling and end up complicating the situation more. The best possible way is to reconcile and accept your feelings. Understanding how you feel can help you gain better insights into your life and fight incompetence better. If you know the problem, the solution becomes easier to find.

You have to remind yourself that everyone has a few shortcomings, and incompetence makes people more human. You must remind yourself that everyone makes mistakes and learns from their experience to become stronger and more skilled.

Having an honest attitude will help you to get everything on track sooner than you imagine.

Focus on the Positive Sides of Your Personality

Focusing on the opposing sides will cause you to get depressed and will result in poorer performance. So, the best way is to look for positive aspects. Set aside your shortcomings and check the ways which allowed you to get appreciation from your employer. The chances are that you are quite a valuable employer for your organization, and they value your performance. So, make a note to look at your strengths first.

If it is a Skill, Make a Focus to Learn

In case of workplace-related incompetence, the feelings may have resulted from a lack of a particular skill. Instead of feeling down, you have to focus on the brighter side. You can shift your focus to learning new skills and brushing up your professional degree. Having a new degree or a new certificate can boost your confidence a lot. Besides that, learning new things will also make you a more capable professional, giving you better opportunities to grow and have a better career path. While learning or getting a refresher course, always try to practice and work just like you worked from the first day of your job. In the initial phase of a career, people have more zeal to learn and easily accept their mistakes. Try to regain that attitude and eagerly learn new things. It will help you to monitor your success and become more competent inside your mind.


Many people go through this phase and ask how to deal with incompetence, and the only way to deal with it is to learn and feel positive. After reconciling with your feelings and finding new ways, you will be able to cut down the feeling of incompetence.

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