Jay-Z’s Age Doesn’t Make Any Difference In Their Love Story

Jay-Z’s Age

Jay-Z’s age does not make any difference to his ongoing romance with Beyonce. The two are as close as it gets to royalty in the world of music, having delivered plenty of legendary hits in the past. Not just that, they have also collaborated on many projects together like Everything is Love, the Lemonade visual album, and Jay-Z’s unofficial New York City theme song Empire State Mind. The number of hits churned out in any given year is enough to solidify their position as some of the best artists of this day and age.

A Timeline of the Romance

But pop icons as they are, Jay-Z and Beyonce also have their own romantic saga. The couple is frequently spotted together, and they never fail to express their love for each other openly. Yes, their relationship indeed has had a few ups and downs now and then, but they are what we call a power couple.

In fact, I cannot recall many relationships in the entertainment business that has lasted for more than two decades without a split. The two are still together if you are wondering about it. How much do you actually know about their chemistry? We take a closer look at the pair below. 

A Timeline of the Romance
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As far as sources state, Beyonce and Jay-Z met in 1999 and immediately hit off. There was no pressure immediately, no rush to run off and get married. They kept it slow and steady. According to Beyonce, they were both friends first.

A solid friendship is the bedrock of a good relationship. And we could not agree more. In the year 2002, they realized their star power was more potent when they performed together. So in that very year Beyonce appeared in Jay’s ‘03 Bonnie and Clyde. Both the song and the music were a huge success, if you remember. 

The Tale Goes On

By 2003 the couple did not shy away from accepting the fact that they were a couple. Crazy in Love dropped around the same time and earned them a Grammy for best R&B song. Most celebrity couples these days make their debut on Instagram and Facebook, right? It was not the same in the case of Jay and Beyonce.

The Tale Goes On

They made their debut straight on the red carpet at the 2004 VMA Awards. They were on everybody’s lips now and entire fandoms went crazy at their mere mention. The only question that fans asked was when they were going to marry. 

Finally, putting all the rumors to rest Jay and Bey tied the knot in a secret ceremony. It did not remain a secret for much longer and Jay admitted one had to do something sacred to themselves and their loved ones in this business. Otherwise, one could turn insane. And we admit this is not very hard to believe. Three years later they had their first child and the crowd went crazy. Sadly, this was after a miscarriage and Beyonce could not help but feel scared as she carried the child to term. 

Over the next few years, there was plenty of drama in the relationship as cheating rumors surfaced and Jay was attacked by Beyonce’s sister in an elevator. Later, both gave a joint statement where things calmed down and both apologized to each other. The rumors never proved to be true. Moreover, the couple’s belief in each other was always stronger than all speculation. As they said in the statement, their love for each other put the family above everything else. And we hope their love remains strong. 


1. Are Jay-Z and Beyonce still together?

Yes, they are still together.

2. What is Beyonce and Jay-Z’s age difference?

Jay is about 12 years older. 

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