10 Social Media Marketing Tools to Improve Your Results

Social Media Marketing

Social Media has become an easy mode of advertisement in the 21st Century. There was a time where social media was used to be updated with close friends and family, but now it is more utilized to be updated with brands. With the increasing demand by the users, it becomes difficult for the brands to manage. It has become one of the best ways to expand the business and increase in the production of Goods and Services.

It has started becoming essential for the brands to track down the work done, the public reaction on the post, organic reach and inorganic reach, Comments and various factors that help to analyze. Here, the role played by marketing analytics dashboards are vital for understanding the key performance indicators (KPIs), marketing metrics, statistics, rates, graphs & charts for taking swift and decisive active actions, regarding business growth and revenue generation. Therefore, you can always take the help of experts like “Marketing Reports” for integrating one such analytic dashboard to your site or system for tracking the core business operation metrics for sales enhancement.

Here are some of the Social Media Tools:


Social media demands for high quality and creative post. It is better for the brand to manage the balance between quantity and quality of the content uploaded. To attract the followers on the feed there are various ways, one of which is to follow a Theme. Canva provides a bunch of options, it creates the creative quickly and easily. They suggest you with a large number of templates and a variety of colours, opening your mind a little wider for Creative.


Content has become the king of Social Media Marketing. Maintaining the quality of the content with the creative has become an important factor. You have to engage the audience in the content to make them stay a little longer and make them a regular visitor of the page. Well, Grammarly helps you with all the grammatical errors and spell check, which saves you from an embarrassment from millions of people. The premium version also suggests alternative words, statement correction and many more feature for a better language.


With the changing trends and algorithm, it becomes essential to spend all day keeping track of social media. There you don’t realize where your half-day has passed. Buffer helps you schedule your weekly post at once which reduces your burden resulting into a little more space to think. It allows you to tag, put hashtag and schedule according to your requirement.


Would you like if the majority of your work is completed at one destination? MailChimp is exactly what you are looking for. It makes your work easy by allowing you to manage the email marketing and tracking the same mail. It also allows you to play the campaign on Facebook and Instagram, you can also create a landing page and much more facilities.


It works like a magic on long-long URL’s, by making them short and sweet. Bitly provides you with a unique link every time when you provide with the different link and it doesn’t stop here, you can also track the post attached with the created link. It tells you the number of visits from the respected link


Is there confusion in your team with the task allocated? Sprout Social comes with a solution and blessing to the managers of the team. The manager can directly assign the task to the team member, you can also track and schedule the post for all social media platforms.


This tool lets you know about the thoughts of the consumer when it comes to your product and service. You can read all the Comments, Blogs, and Articles mentioning your brand on Social media or various publishers. You can also identify the people and reply to them with your comments.


After a while, it gets difficult to be creative and engaging with the audience for a longer span of time. Buzzsumo updates you with trending topics on social media. You have to update with a keyword and it will provide you with all the trending content on social media, making easy for you.


The best part of Socedo is it works on real-time social behaviour then categorizing them in individual data. With the information gathered they provide us with the group of audience that is perfectly fit for the product, only the relevant segment will receive the content.


It is a User-friendly website for all social media platforms. Also a pocket-friendly and useful tool for all Social media Users. It has all the basic requirement of posting, scheduling and analyzing the response. It also allows you to conduct quizzes, contests, and promotions. You can experiment with the free trial before putting in some real money.

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