What Are The Jobs Options After Completing BA?

Bachelor of Arts degree

The Bachelor of Arts degree, commonly referred to as BA, is often looked down upon in Indian society. Most people think that it is not a good degree to pursue in terms of the scope of jobs available to BA graduates. However, they couldn’t be further from the truth. BA is an excellent foundational degree that opens up opportunities in various fields.

The main thing to keep in mind if you are a BA graduate looking for a job is to leverage your specialization. While there is no dearth of jobs for BA general graduates with no specialization whatsoever, leaning on your specialization if you have one can land you a higher-paying job. MGU, which is one of the top private universities in Bhopal, offers BA degrees with specializations in subjects like English, Hindi, History, Home Science, Economics, Social Work, Sociology, Political Science, etc.

In this article, we will attempt to explore some of the career options that you can pursue after completing a BA degree. It is important to keep in mind that since BA is a foundational degree, many of the top-paying jobs that can be pursued after a BA need further study or certification to land. However, we will also discuss job options that can be pursued with just your specialized BA degree from any of the Arts colleges in Bhopal, for example.

1. Content Writer

Eligibility: Any BA degree, excellent writing, editing, and researching skills, ability to tailor writing style to suit different audiences, ability to work with minimal supervision and multitask while being able to convey information in an efficient and engaging manner

Content writing is one of the most popular job options for BA graduates these days. With the web becoming the mainstream mode of consuming content, the demand for content writers never wanes. Content writers are required to write blogs, articles, product descriptions, and so on and so forth for various businesses to post on their websites. There are many kinds of content writers too, depending on their role. Some are freelance writers, others are ghostwriters, and some content writers even write and monetize their own blogs. Content writers are categorized on the basis of the kind of writing they specialize in too. So there are technical content writers, academic content writers, etc.

Average Annual Salary Range: 1.6 – 3.0 lakhs

2. Social Worker

Eligibility: BA in social work, sociology, psychology, or related fields like rural development, good communication skills, calm and empathetic personality

Social workers are employed by both government and non-government organizations. Their main work revolves around socially uplifting at-risk communities, families, or individuals. This can involve helping victims of domestic violence, substance abuse, emotional issues, or natural calamities. They are tasked with assessing the situation on the ground through in-person or telephonic means, and then drawing up reports and maintaining records. They may even need to get on the ground to physically offer assistance to the needy, collaborate with other social workers and agencies, and provide support, crisis intervention, and training programs. Many agencies take in social workers as interns from BA colleges in Bhopal and allow them to sign up full-time after completing their internship.

Average Annual Salary Range: 2 – 3 lakhs

3. Primary School Teacher

Eligibility: Any BA degree (specialization preferred but optional), calm demeanor, good communication skills

Primary teachers have some of the most relaxing jobs on the planet. Tasked with teaching and handling small children, they usually get to live a stress-free life. Their workload is generally quite low and they get to enjoy more holidays than almost any other professional – from weekends, to festivals and of course, summer and winter vacations.

Average Annual Salary Range: 1.8 – 3 lakhs

4. Executive Assistant

Eligibility: BA in Economics, marketing management or business administration, excellent communication, problem-solving, organizational, multitasking, and decision-making skills, administrative support experience

A BA in economics from Mansarovar Global University, often touted as the best university in MP, can land you the position of an executive assistant. Executive assistants are a lifeline to big corporate honchos, who have so much to do that they can’t possibly remember them all. Executive assistants step in and handle their phone calls, appointments, calendars, schedule meetings, and travel arrangements. They also take notes when asked to, manage accounts, and prepare invoices, memos, and financial statements. They are also tasked with ordering office supplies, updating databases, organizing files, preparing presentations, research, etc. An executive assistant is required to be a jack of all trades and also be a master at most of them, which is why not many people can do it. That also makes them an exclusive asset that only a few people are privy to and add to their high demand.

Average Annual Salary Range: 3 – 5 lakhs

5. Government Jobs

There are many government jobs on offer for BA graduates. If you are a BA graduate from any of the top colleges for BA in Bhopal, you can sit for any of the entrance examinations that unlock a wide range of jobs in many government departments. Since the scope of jobs offered by the government are so diverse and varied, we have attempted to chart only a few of the common ones below:

Government Jobs Eligibility / Examination to be Cleared Average Annual Salary Range
IAS Officer UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) 7 – 9 lakhs
IFS Officer UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) 8 -10 lakhs
Bank Employee SBI PO/Clerk, IBPS, NABARD, RRB 2 – 4 lakhs
Defence Personnel (Airforce, Army or Navy) Basic written and physical tests which differ slightly between branches 2 – 3 lakhs
Indian Railways Official RRB NTPC, RRB JE, RRB ALP 4 -7 lakhs
Civil Services UPSC or SSC 2 – 5 lakhs
Postal Worker SSC CGL, UPSC 2 – 4 lakhs


It is important to note that government jobs have many pay scales that differ from department to department and we have only attempted to generalize here.


There are many job options that can be directly applied for after graduation from a top private university in Bhopal, both in the private sector and the government sector. The jobs in the private sector offer lesser pay overall than the government jobs but they don’t require you to clear national-level entrance exams either, which are saturated with competition. Our personal recommendation would be to try everything, to see what suits you best.

Another option is continuing to study further which will open up jobs in more fields like data analysis, digital marketing, academia, law, designing, journalism, fine arts, etc. These are some of the hottest fields to work in these days and will open up more opportunities and higher pay scales. Best colleges for BA in Bhopal prepare students for a bright future.