7 Common Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Work Injury Claim

7 Common Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Work Injury Claim

If you get injured during work, a worker’s compensation might be the only thing which can provide you with the financial resources you need for your treatment. Lack of knowledge about the claim process can lead to potential mistakes which can hurt your work injury claim. Given below are 7 common mistakes.

1. Not Reporting The Accident Immediately

You should report your injury immediately after you get injured at your workplace. If no one witnessed you getting injured make sure you report it to the nearest worker immediately. Lack of eyewitness reports can get your claim denied so give your fellow workers a detailed accident report. It can also be very useful if you write down the details of your accident. This will help you recall the exact details in the later stages of the claim process.

2. Delaying Medical Treatment

Missing out on receiving early medical treatment can make your injuries worse. It doesn’t matter if your injury is minor or severe, make sure you get yourself examined by a doctor immediately. If you fail to see a doctor, your employer or insurance company will dismiss your injuries as minor. You could end up losing a lot of benefits and this can really hurt your claim.

3. Refusing To See The Prescribed Doctor

Some states require you to get yourself medically examined by the doctor chosen by the employer or company board. You might also be provided with a list of doctors from which you can choose. If you refuse to cooperate, you can get your worker’s compensation payments suspended. If you hire a worker’s compensation lawyer, he will tell you if you are allowed to visit your own doctor according to your state’s laws.

4. Not Filing A Personal Injury Claim

If a third party has been directly involved in your accident you should file a personal injury claim. For example if you were hit by someone on the road while performing a work related delivery, you can hold him liable for your injury. You are supposed to receive full financial compensation for your medical treatment, lost wages and any other expenses which are due. If you’re from Pennsylvania, you can take help of a Wilkes-Barre work injury lawyer who will be able to help you receive benefits from both your worker’s compensation and personal injury claim.

5. Not Hiring A Worker’s Compensation Lawyer

Although minor cases can be handled without a lawyer, you should definitely hire one in cases of severe injury. A lawyer specializing in worker’s compensation will be educated on all the state laws regarding worker’s compensation. He will also know how to communicate properly with the medical authorities and insurance company in order to help you receive all your benefits. Without a lawyer it can be quite difficult to complete all the legal procedures on your own.  

6. Talking To The Claims Administrator Without Consulting Your Lawyer

If you unknowingly give wrong information about your accident to the claims administrator it can jeopardize your claim. Your claims administrator will be on the lookout for any discrepancies in your report in order to reduce your benefits. He might even compel you to accept a low settlement offer. Never go into too much detail or sign any documents without consulting your lawyer first. Sometimes it is better to leave the talking to your lawyer.

7. Incomplete Or Poorly Worded Claim

If your claim is poorly worded or incomplete it can get denied by the insurance company. If you don’t provide any evidence like medical records or eyewitness reports to justify your claim, you significantly lower your chances of receiving any benefits. You should also be careful to recall all the details you include in the claim in case you get questioned later on. If you aren’t sure how to word your claim, get a lawyer who will help you to structure it properly.


If you are unsure about the claim process it is better to hire a worker’s compensation lawyer rather than risk making a crucial mistake. You won’t have to handle the situation on your own as your lawyer will take care of all the important work.