Strategies Used By Criminal Lawyers To Win A Case

Criminal Lawyers

A person getting arrested for a crime is normal. You read about this horrific crime report daily in the newspaper but hardly imagine that someone you know might get involved with the same. When it comes to the violation of law, one can never be too sure. Many times, innocent people are taken hostage in suspicion of a crime that they never committed in the first place. Continue reading this article to find out how criminal lawyers use common strategies to help the accused win the trial. 

The Initial Steps: When one is arrested with a criminal charge, he is taken to police custody. In less than 48 hours, he is produced in court for a bail hearing where the judge sets an amount. This bail amount is to be posted by the defendant in order to get out of jail before trial. If he does not pay the amount, he is locked inside prison until his case is on trial that may take weeks or even months after the arrest. Therefore, spending that time inside the prison, especially for the innocent, does not seem fair. 

  • Those who cannot opt for cash bail may go for surety bail. The first step is to find suitable bail services that conduct business in the same County. For instance, a reliable and licensed bail bonds service in Huntington Beach provides expert service to defendants who cannot afford to pay the bail sum. 
  • The defendants only pay a fee of 10% of the set amount, and he is good to go. He might require someone else to co-sign the bail contract. The bail conditions must be followed thoroughly to avoid further legal trouble. 

The Legal Help: Once out of jail, a defendant must prepare for his upcoming trial. Studies show defendants who opt for bail and hire private lawyers tend to win their trial compared to those who don’t. Try to find an experienced criminal defense lawyer who is confident about winning the case.. An attorney may employ the following techniques to prove his client innocent of the said crime. 

  • Necessity: When one commits a crime to save himself or someone else from being attacked, it is considered a self-defense act. The need to commit the crime, however, must be proved with evidence. 
  • Falsely accused: So many people are falsely accused of a crime that they did not commit. An experienced lawyer must prove in court that the defendant is falsely accused and deserves to be pronounced ‘not guilty. 
  • Police Misconduct: Law enforcement commits misconduct in their investigations from time to time, resulting in the arrests of innocent people. In America, police are known to arresting black folk more compared to white people. Most of the time, these arrests are racially motivated. An attorney may explore this racist mindset to get his client out of jail. 
  • Accident: Each crime has a pre-motivated purpose behind it. A lawyer might try and prove the crime committed was unintentional and accidental without any criminal intent. The prison sentencing or the charges are dramatically reduced if an attorney can verify the incident as an accident

Each situation is different; therefore, an experienced lawyer will tailor his case accordingly. He may use tactics, such as mistaken identities or temporary insanity, and more considering they fit the circumstances.