Untold Story About Emma Roberts Relationship With Kelly Cunningham

emma roberts

Who doesn’t know Emma Roberts right? The beautiful American singer and performer have grabbed the hearts of many with her sheer talent. However, when it comes to being on the news, the star made the limelight for all the wrong reasons. One of them is her failing relationship with her mother. 

A Little Background On The Star Herself:

Emma Roberts or Emma Rose Robert is an American actress, singer, and performer. She was born in 1991, to Kelly Cunningham and actor Eric Roberts. The star rose to fame in the crime film called Blow in 2001. 

She took the lead as Addie Singer on the Nickelodeon sitcom Unfabulous which ran from 2004 to 2007. She also wrote for the series and released a soundtrack album called Unfabulous and More, in 2005. Moreover, she made appearances in countless movies, some of them are, 

  • Aquamarine in 2006
  • Nancy Drew in 2007
  • Wild Child in 2008 
  • Hotel for Dogs in 2009
  • Valentine’s Day in 2010
  • It’s Kind of a Funny Story in 2010
  • The Art of Getting By in 2011
  • We’re The Millers in 2013

Roberts is connected with family members who are no strangers to the movie making industry. The talented actress took her inspiration from her aunt who is a world-renowned actress, Julia Roberts. Seeing her aunt giving her all in front of the camera prompted her to try her hand at acting. 

After her debut in 2001, she appeared in number rod exciting movies. Additionally, the celebrity also boasts about her talent for singing as well. All in all, one can say that Emma is very gifted. 

Moreover, one can notice how worthy she is by looking at her filmography. The star has appeared in many critically approved pictures. And thanks to those movies, she continues to step up in the filming industry. 

Emma Roberts Wikis

✅Real Name Emma Roberts
✅Birthday February 10, 1991
✅Birthplace Rhinebeck, New York, USA
✅Zodiac Sign Aquarius
✅Nationality American
✅Height 5′ 2″ (1.57 m)
✅Profession American actor and singer
✅Parents Kelly Cunningham, Eric Roberts
✅Net Worth $18 million as of July 2021

Let’s Shift To Emma Roberts’ Family:

Her father is the renowned actor, Eric Anthony Roberts. Moreover, the actor has gotten many golden globe nominations as well. Although being a big star, the actor has had many dark days. Many times police arrested him for domestic violence and drugs. 

Due to this, Emma grew further apart from her father. However, they are back to normal now. However, the story of her with Kelly Cunningham Roberts is different. Kelly is Emma’s mother who is also a paper of the filmmaking business. Moreover, when Emma was young, her parents got a divorce. 

Kelly Cunningham Eric Roberts’s marriage was short as she soon walked the aisles the second time with kelly nickels. Although the mother-daughter duo shares a tight bond, there was a growing strain in their relationship not too long ago. 

Her little family also included a maternal half-sister, Grace. She was born in 2001. Moreover, her sister is a talented artist. If one notices her social media, one can make out how talented someone can be. 

As for Emma’s personal life, the star has been seeing the film performer Garrett Hedlund since 2019. Although the actor started as a friend, they soon hit it off as a couple, madly in love  

Here Comes The Instagram War With Her Mom:

The actress opened up about her little refute with her mother, Kelly Cunningham on Instagram. She claimed that she never saw the war taking place. Moreover, she never expected her mother to spill the beans about her being pregnant. Anyone who has followed Emma on Instagram knows how her mother revealed her pregnancy. 

Back in 2020, she revealed that Emma and Garrett were expecting their first children. Ever since the cat came out of the bag, she was forced to share her personal life with 16 million followers on social media. Moreover, in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Emma Roberts said that the way she wanted to reveal her pregnancy was very different from how it happened. 

She claimed that it was due to her mother that she had to make an early announcement. As Kelly Cunningham spilled the beans about her daughter’s pregnancy, their relationship took a strain. She commented, “I was keeping my pregnancy pretty low-key, but unfortunately, my mother has Instagram. Mothers and Instagram… it’s a bad combination.”

So who is to blame for this commotion? She shifted the blame to the iPhone her mother is using and the newly joined Instagram account.  

Kelly Cunningham Roberts Ruining Her Daughter’s “The” Moment:

The actress now has confirmed that her mother has learned how to set up the Google alert about her, then all of a sudden, she got flooded with headlines. Moreover, it was her mother who asked her “Emma is this true?!”. Her learning was somewhat reminiscent as she kept asking her “Emma, have you seen this photo from 2011?”. 

Although the constant asking questions were not enough, her mother opened an Instagram account. Hence, it is at this time that things took a turn for the worse. Her mother started gaining followers day by day. Nonetheless, many celebrity imposters even tried to catfish her account. 

Moreover, Emma also claimed that her mother kept messaging her fans and even thanked them for their wishes. Well, isn’t this just sweet? However, it does not deny the fact that all these happened even after Emma could not get the chance to reveal the news officially. 

So Did She Forgive Her Mother?

The Blow star said that she was on a plane when her mother accidentally broke the news on Instagram. Moreover, she couldn’t even call her mother then. As there was no way to reach her mother, it became rather tough to control the situation. 

Her mother just revealed one of the most important pieces of news about her life. How did she handle it? Well, exactly how a normal person would have. So what did she do to punish her mother? She did what anyone would do. Emma Roberts blocked her mother. 

Although she blocked her mother, she quickly unblocked her after her mom learned the lesson. Moreover, she said, “It’ll be a good story to tell the baby boy.” The spectacle took over the internet. It is here where her fans started spilling their personal experiences as well. 

Ending Note:

Despite the drama, we can say that the situation did not take a turn for the worse. The star continues to be on good terms with her mother. Moreover, Kelly Cunningham Eric Roberts take turns raising their grandchildren.