Important Facts To Know About Online Gambling

Online Gambling

Do you know why online roulette is referred to as Devil’s game? Do you know what the most played online casino game is? Do you know how many people spend their time gambling worldwide? Do you know that some countries do not allow gambling? 

To explore more important and interesting facts about online gambling, make sure to read this guide till the end. 

More than 25% of the population gamble

If you are a passionate gambler, you may think that only you enjoy gambling. But the reality is completely different. Do you know that more than 25% of the population gambles regularly? According to the research, 1.6 billion people gamble every day. The research also says that around 4.2 billion people gamble worldwide at least once a year. This is the sum of land-based gambling and online gambling. Around 17% of the population gambles online when it comes to online gambling. The study suggests that with the enormous growth in science, technology, and the internet, online gambling will soon overpower the number of land-based gamblers. 

Blackjack is a widely played online casino game.

Have you ever wondered why all casinos, including land-based and online, encompass blackjack? Well, it is because of the craze about this game among gamblers. Blackjack, a perfect blend of luck and skill, is full of excitement and fun where gamblers have to deal with cards, hole cards, some strategies, and so on. the best part about blackjack is that although it is one of the oldest casino games, it still makes people smile and enjoy the same. Therefore, wherever you go, you can at least see blackjack at all casinos. 

Males dominate the casino world.

Males dominate the world of casinos. So it is not at all surprising that from a very early age, men saw casinos and gambling as their favorite time killers. Although the world has technically developed, the craze about casinos among men has not vanished yet. According to the research, almost 11% of people use gambling and casino sites on their phones and other devices every year. The statistic shows that among them, 80% are men users. Another report suggests that 7.5% of men are more likely to be addicted to gambling than women. Check out the online casino reviews and explore the number of men who comments rather than women. 

Roulette is the Devil’s game

Do you know the fact that online roulette is often referred to as the devil’s game? But do you know why? It is because the sum of the number in a roulette table equals 666. Unfortunately, 666 is also thought to be the Devil’s number. Therefore, roulette is often associated with the Devil’s number; hence it is called the Devil’s game. But do not fall for the name. As long as you know the right strategy, roulette is exciting, fun, and full of great wins, bonuses, and spins. 


Gambling has always been a hot topic around restrictions, limitations, age limits, and related facts. Among them, New Jersey is an exciting country where gambling was restricted up until recently. Although it is now legal to play casinos in New Jersey, there are so many restrictions on the games. Additionally, both brick-and-mortar and online casinos are illegal in the top countries like Lebanon, Qatar, Cyprus, Singapore, Japan, North Korea, Cambodia, and Brunel. 

The biggest winner became the biggest loser!

Australia is like the storehouse of many casino games. A massive number of Aussie see gambling as their main source of entertainment. You can also find and play the best Australian online casino. Coming back to the point, around 2012, during the World Series of poker, An American gambler named Antonio Esfandiari won $23 in AU dollars during a charity tournament called The Big One for One Drop. It was indeed the biggest disappointment for all Australians. 


These were, in short, the fascinating facts about online casinos all passionate gamblers should know. Hopefully, if you have been reading till now, you’ve enjoyed reading the interesting facts about gambling so far. So, be a part of the online gambling field, enjoy your journey, and make memories.