Investigating The Factors Contributing To Increased Car Accidents In Canada

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Cars have become a necessity of everyday life. However, accidents involving cars kill thousands and injure countless people each year. 

These accidents can have long-term emotional, financial, and legal effects. Trauma, economic loss, and legal proceedings complicate matters for victims and their families. In difficult times like this, it is important to have competent “injury lawyers Edmonton” to guide you.

Car Accidents as a Global Problem

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), road traffic accidents are one of the primary causes of death globally, which accounts for almost 1.35 million deaths per year as of 2018. This is especially common among those aged 5 to 29. 

Vehicle accidents, including automobiles, buses, motorbikes, bicycles, trucks, and pedestrians, claim the lives of over 3,700 people per day on a global scale. Victims include both pedestrians and motorcyclists, accounting for over 50% of the fatalities.

Causes of Car Accidents in Canada

The provinces and territories annually record all reportable motor vehicle crashes to Transport Canada’s National Collision Database (NCDB). The recent data shows:

  • There were 1,768 people killed in car accidents in 2021, an increase of 1.3% from 1,746 in 2020.
  • From 104,286 in 2020 to 108,018 in 2021, the total injury count rose 3.6%.
  • Alberta’s 2018 Traffic Collision Summary showed 17,344 casualties in just a year.

Drivers Lacking Experience 

The Alberta Ministry of Transportation reported that young drivers had the highest fatality and casualty rates in 2015. One or more driver errors caused 86.4% of 2015 accidents. 

The following are ways driver inexperience might cause accidents:

Bad Judgment Novice drivers may underestimate distances, speeds, and traffic gaps, causing turn and highway merge errors.
Lack of Traffic Law Knowledge Traffic laws may be unclear to new drivers, which results in penalties or risky driving.
Trouble Handling Emergencies Sudden braking by the car ahead of them, bad weather, or a mechanical problem are all unexpected scenarios that could cause inexperienced drivers to freak out or even freeze up.
Overconfidence Overconfidence can encourage inexperienced drivers to take needless risks or engage in risky road behaviour.
Low Hazard Awareness Inexperienced drivers might be unable to anticipate and respond effectively to potential hazards, including pedestrians crossing the roadway or vehicles quickly switching lanes.

Travelling at High Speeds

Speeding was the primary cause of 25% of fatal incidents in Alberta in 2015. Driving at an unsafe speed resulted in one out of four fatal accidents and one out of ten injury crashes.

  • Speeding reduces a driver’s response time to pedestrian crossings and lane changes.
  • Faster vehicles take longer to stop. Speeding drivers may not stop in time to avoid a crash.
  • Speeding impairs vehicle control, especially on curves or icy roads. This can cause skidding, hydroplaning, and rollovers.

Driving When Distracted

Accidents, injury lawyers Edmonton, and deaths are all possible outcomes of drivers who are distracted. Particularly concerning is the widespread practice of texting while driving, which simultaneously adds visual, physical, and cognitive distractions.

Wildlife on the Road

Beautiful lakes, wide-ranging woods, and towering mountains are just a few of Alberta’s well-known geographical features. Given this, it’s hardly surprising that animals were involved in 54% of rural roadway accidents in 2015.

  • Deer, elk, raccoons, and rabbits must cross highways for food, water, and shelter. Unfortunately, this puts them at risk of automobile collisions.
  • When scared by a vehicle, animals can act unpredictably. They may freeze in the road, dart out, or change direction unexpectedly, which makes it hard for cars to stop.

Legislative and Policy Factors in Canada

Decision on Liability

  • Each province and territory determines blame based on negligence, traffic offences, and accident circumstances.
  • Insurance claims and legal actions may be affected by the concept of comparative negligence.

Insurance Needs

  • Auto insurance is required in all Canadian provinces and territories. 
  • Drivers must report car accidents that cause injury, death, or major property damage to the police. 

Violation Penalties

  • Expected consequences include fines, demerit points, license suspension or revocation, and obligatory driver education programs.
  • Criminal charges in severe situations, such as intoxicated driving or dangerous driving that causes bodily harm or death.

Legal Recourse

  • Personal injury lawyers Edmonton can recover lost wages, pain and suffering, and other accident-related costs.

Governing Initiatives

  • Initiatives may include tighter law enforcement, public awareness campaigns, infrastructure upgrades, and new regulations to address increasing concerns like distracted driving and drunk driving.

Role of Personal Injury Lawyer in Car Accidents

Counselling  Attorneys fight for the rights of victims of automobile accidents. 
Investigation Lawyers look into the accident’s context to determine who was at fault. This necessitates collecting evidence, including testimonies from witnesses, medical records, and police reports.
Settlement Talks Injury attorneys advocate for their client’s right to fair compensation for lost income or emotional distress.
Legal disputes Personal injury attorneys can litigate the matter in court, filing legal papers, presenting evidence, and defending the case before a judge or jury. 
Legal Guidance An injury lawyer can advise and counsel their client on legal matters during a lawsuit. They clarify the applicable legislation, lay out the available options, and answer any questions.

Lessen the Burden With Personal Injury Lawyers

Traumatic car accidents can cause physical injuries, mental distress, and monetary burdens. Accident victims can turn to personal injury attorneys for representation in the complex legal process of claiming damages for their injuries, lost income, and property damage.

Sidhu Personal Injury Lawyers Edmonton provides professional services, including accident investigations, evidence collection, insurance company negotiations, and courtroom representation. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How soon after a car accident should I hire an injury lawyer?

After a car accident, hire an injury lawyer immediately, especially if you’re injured. Seeking legal counsel at the earliest possible stage allows them to defend your interests better and collect evidence supporting your claim.

How long will a personal injury lawyers Edmonton settle my automobile accident case?

Settling an automobile accident case in Edmonton, Canada, varies in duration. Factors influencing this include the case’s complexity, severity of injuries, insurance company cooperation, legal proceedings, settlement negotiations, your lawyer’s strategy, and your readiness to settle. 

Can I handle my car accident case alone?

Handling a vehicle accident case alone is not advised if you’re seriously injured. Personal injury legislation is complicated, and insurance companies have teams of lawyers to reduce liability.

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